Wonders of the deep blue sea

Meri is the daughter of two successful marine scientists. The ocean was her world, but one day in her early childhood, she is carried out to deep waters by a strong current. Just as the struggle for air is becoming hopeless, a giant shadow appears to her rescue.
Years later, she can't stop thinking about the accident and the giant shadow. Against her parents will, she seeks out the depths of the ocean to find the mystery shadow. But what she finds is much more than a shadow, much more than she had ever imagined.


2. Wonders of the shore

I had to be quiet. My mom would freak out if she found out. My hair was still wet and leaving tracks of water from the door to the kitchen. I grabbed something to drink from the refrigerator sneaked out again.

Aaaaarh! I was almost late, the eggs were already starting to hatch. I ran out to the shore, but stopped before I reached it. I slowly moved closer, just enough to be able to see the tiny turtles crawling out of the sand to reach the waves which carried them out to open water.

A rare sight. I had only witnessed this event a couple of times before, but never on a giant full moon. I could see everything. Every turtle crawling out of the sand, every wave sweeping away another tiny group. It was beautiful. The ocean reflecting the moon and a clear starry night.

This was it, my most peaceful place. I was enjoying the silence of the night and the sound of the waves, until a known voice called out for me. "Mareena!" Oh no... My mom was awake... I was in trouble. I didn't move. I wasn't able to. I was too relaxed to leave just yet and I didn't dare to confront my mother.

As I didn't move, she decided to come to me. Luckily my body was dry after sitting in the warm breeze for an hour, so she wouldn't find out that I had been in the water by myself.

"What are you doing out here Meri?" She asked and placed a blanket around my shoulders. "Shhhh." I hushed her, and pointed towards the turtles. She started whispering and sat down beside me, "Is this today?" "Yeah," I answered. "Why didn't you say anything? You know we don't like it when you're out here by yourself. Especially at night."​ "Mom!" I whispered angrily. "I wanted to be here by myself for once to enjoy, and I'm not a kid anymore. The accident was 10 years ago! I'm soon gonna be 18, you can't keep me from going to the water by myself forever." She sighed. "We know. And we're not stupid, Meri. We know you go out to swim sometimes, but try to understand how close we were to loosing you. It was frightening." I had lost the argument to the love of my mother... "Mom... I know it was difficult and frightening, but the ocean is a part of my life. It has been since the day I was born. I can't stay away from this wonderful place, but I have grown to know that to be in the ocean, you will have to have respect for the ocean. I didn't know back then. Please mom, let me dive and let me know more about that mysterious place under water. By myself." She said nothing, but only stared into the night, over the ocean. "Mom?" I tried again. "Meri..." She began. "I... I will have to talk to your father about this." I was mad now, she was out on the ocean almost every day herself. Why didn't she understand. Yes, I was in the ocean often, but I hated to do it without my parents knowing when.

I tossed the blanket of me and ran out to the ocean. "Meri, come back! You..." The last part drowned as the cold ocean water covered my ears and body. Now I'd done it. I'd hoped that they would understand, but now... They would never, but why let them stop me? I was almost 18, I could do what ever I wanted to do.

I was finally here. Where I longed to be. Why stop? That question I could easily answer.

I continued to swim, deeper and further.

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