Wonders of the deep blue sea

Meri is the daughter of two successful marine scientists. The ocean was her world, but one day in her early childhood, she is carried out to deep waters by a strong current. Just as the struggle for air is becoming hopeless, a giant shadow appears to her rescue.
Years later, she can't stop thinking about the accident and the giant shadow. Against her parents will, she seeks out the depths of the ocean to find the mystery shadow. But what she finds is much more than a shadow, much more than she had ever imagined.


1. When I was a Child

When I was a child, we lived on our own little island, with a house right by the ocean. My father was a succesful marine scientist and my mother, a marine biologist. They both loved their profession and spend a lot of time working by the sea. It often ment me being home all by myself. Even though they had forbidden me to go near the ocean without them, I couldn't stop myself. The silent waves against my feet. The sand between my toes. The scent of salt carried by the wind. But when I was diving, I was weightless. Swimming through the soft water, made my thoughts float along with the waves. The ocean was my most trusted friend.

But even the best of friends are not completely trustworthy, especially not someone as free and wild as the ocean.

A strong current once took me and carried me out into unknown waters. Far away from shore, where I had no possible chance of swimming back by myself. The current kept dragging me further out, deeper and deeper. I struggled for air, but couldn't breathe, and just as I was about to surrender to the depths, a giant shadow appeared and was moving towards me. It was the size of a small cargo ship, but it couldn't have been a whale or a giant shark. It didn't have a tail, but four limbs which it used for moving forward. I must have been hallucinating, because that couldn't have been reality. The air in my lungs failed and my consciousness was lost.

In a matter of what felt like seconds, my lunges started to function properly again. The air filled my lungs and floated through my body like the water that almost took me away from this world. I felt my muskles being able to move again little after little. The sound of the waves against the shore and a voice of a woman slowly getting louder and louder.

"Mareena!" "Meri!" Two people calling my name? But who was calling me? I tried opening my eyes but the sun was too bright but so warm. I had to lie and wait for a few moments, before I was used to the light. I could see two shadows standing above me. The same shadow as before I lost consciousness? No, I recognized these shadows, shadows with the shape of a human being. "Mom?.. Dad?.." I could barely speak. "Yes honey. We're here. Thank God, I tought we had lost you." My mom went in for a big hug and a sharp light of pain went through all of my useless body. "Mom... It... hurts..." She let go with a haste, and told me sorry with regret filling her eyes.

"Darling, they're here." My dad put a hand on my mothers shoulders as I heard the sound of a siren. The ambulance was here to pick me up and bring me to the hospital.

My parents never let me be alone from then on. They were scared that I would run back to the ocean again, which I would have, if all the nannies hadn't been there to stop me.

Anyone would probably have been scared of the ocean after being dragged out and almost drowned, but not me. I couldn't let the thought of shadow from the deep go, but I never told anyone about it. It was a secret between the Ocean and I. They wouldn't believe me anyhow, I wasn't even sure that I believed myself, but I had to believe. I had to know if what I had seen actually could be true. What was really out there. In the deep blue sea.

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