50 Shades Of 3 Second Luke & ROOFIE xD

Soooo this is for Luke and I. Since I'll invite him to co-author or write it with me. But yeah it's kinda like the Scarlet Letter, and yeah. It's what he means to me. And whatever he puts in here. xD



7. R00FI3

I know I’ve been away from you for a while, and I wasn’t there to see you in your beautiful home co. but I’m here now, and that’s all that matters to me. The fact that I’m still here for you, and the fact that I’m still fighting to be with you. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t think about you. There’s not a minute that passes without me thinking of something fun we shared together. Every hour that ticks by I’m left thinking about a familiar face. Usually, I’d tell myself not to think like this. Not to think of a familiar face without reasoning. So, I’m now spending the 60minutes of my life, 24 hours all together. Daily, I’m looking out for you. I’m trying to find TIME for you. I’m making TIME for you. And if none of this comes out right, I’m sorry for even speaking of time. That’s all that goes on in my mind, how much time will we have with each other? How many times will we be smiling? And how much time do we truly have to make a difference in each other’s lives? C:


- Luke J.R

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