50 Shades Of 3 Second Luke & ROOFIE xD

Soooo this is for Luke and I. Since I'll invite him to co-author or write it with me. But yeah it's kinda like the Scarlet Letter, and yeah. It's what he means to me. And whatever he puts in here. xD



33. More evidence~Anna

If you guys can't see it, it goes: 

HIM- Thank you

                            ME: You're welcome <3

HIM-I never wanted to hurt you baby <3

                                                                      ME: Really? O.O

HIM-Yd, yes. Really.                                        

                                      ME: No one has ever been afraid of losing me.

HIM- Well I am, I just ca can't handle leavin you. I wouldn't trust myself ever again.Never ever..again.

                                     ME: It's comforting and wonderful to actually know that someone is afraid of losing me.

HIM: Yeah. ;-;



THE DATE AT THE BOTTOM DOES NOT  coincide with when the texts were sent. When I found out about the Instagram thing, I started to screenshot conversations and texts we sent back and forth.

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