50 Shades Of 3 Second Luke & ROOFIE xD

Soooo this is for Luke and I. Since I'll invite him to co-author or write it with me. But yeah it's kinda like the Scarlet Letter, and yeah. It's what he means to me. And whatever he puts in here. xD





Fuck You~Sleeping With Sirens ;) <3

Anywhore, back to quieting my demons. I thought you quieted the voices, numbed the pain, gave me hope, life and happiness, laughter, giggles and smiles, everything happy. But little did I know that you were just another demon inside of me. Inside my head; tearing away at me. At my life support; at my happiness and feeding off my depression. YOU were the one making me depressed and I didn't realize this until the damage had already been done. When I met you stopped doing something bad to my body. But as time went on and I was/am being ignored, neglected, hurt, sad, lied to, cheated on, not knowing if you were ever going to talk to me again; I gave in.

You know those poems I wrote, and why they were so good?? BECAUSE THEY WERE OF YOU. "I feel like a DOG waiting for it's MASTER", my rant poem, Fly, practically every single poem expect for The Mask, Late at Night, Demons 2.0, and Fading weren't about you. Save Me; the last part about love and stuff and not knowing if you actually do. Is about YOU. Actually some aren't but the ones that are more angry sounding then sad are mine. And the one that has the "She said goodnight, but no one knew she was saying goodbye." Was for you and it turns out I deleted the one where I quoted it here. Someone who I was talking to when I wrote it, knows what it was, because they copied it and republished it, but I deleted it again. In fear that'd you "actually read it". Haha, should've left it up for you to read. Regardless, you made me feel horrible while I was with you but at the same time when you WERE actually talking to me; I was high above the clouds. I felt accepted for once. But guess what you did!!! SHATTERED IT. My dignity dropped, not that I had much anyway I guess? I felt like I was a burden. Like I didn't mean anything to you. Turns out that, that's exactly what I actually did mean to you. Nothing. Zero.


You know, instead of actually breaking up with me; you cheated and still are cheating on me. Although, this if you haven't figured it out; is a breakup CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR YOU :) I hope you have a Merry F***g Christmas. Anyway, you know what you at least SHOULD'VE done?? Here, I'll make a list for you.

1) Told me you found someone else.

2) Broken up with me.

3) Told me you couldn't handle the distance.

4) Told me that you were cheating on me.

5) Told me that everything you promised was a lie.

6) Told me that you thought that you felt like, we had to break up because it turned out that you didn't feel the same about me as I did you.


Did you do any of those 6 things??? NO! I'd RATHER have you tell me that you found someone else, that you couldn't handle the distance, that everything you promised was a F**$# lie, and broken up with me. But you were and are a p***y and didn't have the balls to tell me anything. You just strung me along for the ride. Until I was broken beyond repair and am craving d3atH. You could never save me or "delay" me from my demons because you couldn't even be there for my birthday or to listen to my story. My life story. You couldn't take the time to listen about my dad, the family drama and stress or about my depression. I've started back up on that nasty habit. The last thing you said to me was that you were partying and doing DrUg5. Was that even true??? Or was the girl that offered you HeR10N your current girlfriend?? All that sh1t about never wanting to lose me, and about how if you did you wouldn't know what to do with yourself. I CAN'T believe I actually believed that bullshit.


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