50 Shades Of 3 Second Luke & ROOFIE xD

Soooo this is for Luke and I. Since I'll invite him to co-author or write it with me. But yeah it's kinda like the Scarlet Letter, and yeah. It's what he means to me. And whatever he puts in here. xD



35. He has NO excuse

NO. HE HAS NO  EXCUSE THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH. This has been going on since Thanksgiving. That's when the pictures started. HE HAS NO. GOOD EXCUSE. Also, he's the only one I've exposed so, yeah. But I'm DONE with it. He may have anxiety, but maybe everything he says is a fucking lie. And even if it's a "friend" why call him baby??? Yeah my friends do that to their friends but it's to another girl that's a friend. NOT to guy best friends or anything!!! And he looks pretty  content to me. I know what you mean Emily I do. I see it all the time with my friends, but this is different

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