50 Shades Of 3 Second Luke & ROOFIE xD

Soooo this is for Luke and I. Since I'll invite him to co-author or write it with me. But yeah it's kinda like the Scarlet Letter, and yeah. It's what he means to me. And whatever he puts in here. xD



16. 1 Month~Anna

Peoples' I'm NOT celebrating the whole, "OH, MY GOD, IT HAS BEEN LIKE, 1 LIKE, MONTH!!!" BECAUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, calm ya selves. Because it's only a month; yeah a month is long, but if you think about it it's really not that long. And it feels like it's been years 0.0 But yeah it's been a month, since Tuesday the 19th. Weeeeeeeeeeeee XDDDD 


I love you, My Lil' Dumba** <3 

I dunno, do you have a nickname for meh? You always say, stfu or b** because  I took screen shots of you xDD 


~Your Lil' Beeeeeeeeesh XD <3


Ps. I think that every three months is more celebratory. Because how are you gonna survive 3 months of this xD

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