Secret. S.M.

In the beginning, no one knew about us. In the end they do, but when will they realize that something even bigger than us being together has yet to come?


4. Chapter 4

Lauren's POV:

Shawn and I are going on an actual date!!! Like to a real restaurant and like A REAL DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited! I mean yes we have had dates of takeout and backyard picnics and stuff but this is like a real date that the rest of the world can see. Now I have to go act like a teenage girl with my best friend. We are going to get a dress and the other essentials of a nice fancy date.


~Ride to Mall~


"I still can't believe you didn't tell me for 6 whole months that you were seeing Shawn freaking Mendes!" Rose said. "I didn't tell anyone don't be offended." I said. "Still" she said. I grab the aux cord and hit shuffle. Starving by Hailee came on and we started singing and dancing in the car.


~Skip till we get there.~


This is going to be so much fun! Rose and I walk around looking for a dress.


Then I see it.


It is perfect. It has a black top part that only goes on one shoulder and then lace type bottom. And it is not as pricey as I thought it would be. I literally run to the dressing room after I find my size. I put it on and have Rose zip it up. It feels amazing. I look in the mirror and see how it falls perfectly on me. We go and get some black strapped heels and a gold clutch with matching gold earrings. 


This is going to be a great night!


I head to my apartment and can hear music inside. Huh guess I didn't turn off the radio. I walk in and see Shawn. "What are you doing here babe?" I ask "I came to ask you a question." he says. "Go for it."

"Ok so um I uh wanted to know if we could like move in together. Because it is so far away from my house to your house. I know that you had the extra bedroom that I use when I come over. What if that is always my room? And I like stay here.." he says. "Shawn it has only been 6 months. What happens if we break up? You just move out and forget about it?" I start. "I have no intentions to ever live with out you. I truly love you with all I have. I would give up my career to be with you. I love you" he says.


He said it.


He said I love you.


I mean yes we have said it before but it was always in a cheesy kind of way.


He means it.


Shawn's POV:


I did it.


I said it.


And I meant it.


"Sure Shawn you can move in to the extra room." she says.


Lauren's POV:

"When do you want to get your stuff?" I ask him. '"Uh probably like tomorrow." he says. "Plus like half of my stuff already is here."


"Come on let's go get ready."


I do my hair and make-up in about an hour and a half. It took forever to curl my thick hair. but only like 45 minutes to perfect my make-up. I step into my dress and shoes and have Shawn zip up the back of my dress. When he zips it I can feel his presence on my bare skin. I take a deep breath in. He must have noticed because he asked me if I was okay. I just breathed out and said yes. It sent a shock through all of me. Shawn and I have never been really intimate. The only touching we do is if we are cuddling or something. and we have never actually kissed. I have kissed his cheek he has kissed mine but that is about it.


We head out hand in hand to the restaurant.


We just spend all night with each other.


It is perfect.


Like always.


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