The Guy with the Grey Eyes

Isabella, or Bella to friends, is having nightmares again. 10 after her and her family left the town where she was born. 10 years after the last nightmare. She thinks they're harmless little nightmare. That is until he shows up.


1. Nightmares Return

As I ran down the hall, I heard a scream of agony. I ran faster. I shook the handle of the first door in the hall. Crap, I thought. It was locked. I tried all the doors. Same fate.

Another scream. The final door. Come on, I thought, please be unlocked. The handle twists when I try. As I slowly push the door open, I see a boy my tied to a stake in the center of the room.

Wood surrounding him. He screamed. I ran to help, but I was stuck in place.

"Why are you just standing there?" He screamed at me.

"I can't move!" I yelled back.

The wood started to burn. I pulled and screamed, but still I couldn't move. He started screaming. When I lifted my head, mine and his eyes met. His steel grey eyes.

I was shaking. I heard my name being called but he wasn't calling it.I jerk up in my bed. I see my brother sitting there.

"Thank god your awake."he said to me.

"Thanks for waking me."I reply with attitude.

"Well excuse me for being worried." He replied.

"What do you want, anyway?"

"We need to get ready for school."

"Ok. I'll see you downstairs. Now get out!"

He hurries out and to his room across the hall.I head to my bathroom. When I get in there, I look in at my grey sports bra and black leggings. Ugh, I'm all sweaty. I turn on the water and wait till it's a little warm. I strip and hop in. I shampoo and condition my hair and get out.

Wrapping the towel around myself, I walk into my room. As I pick out my clothes, my phone goes off. I see my best friends face on the screen. I answer the phone and put it on speaker.

"What's up?" I say

"I need help picking out an outfit." She says.

"Just pick a pair of jeans and a tee" i say back.

"No never. What would Dakota think of me?"

"My brother doesn't like you. I told you this he has a girlfriend."

"Rachel and him are going to breakup. I have a feeling."

"Oh my gods. Really, Assylum?"

"Yes. Anyway got to go, mom is calling me for breakfast."

"Ok. See ya at school."

"See ya. Love ya, babe."

"Love ya, too, girly" I say and hung up.

I throw on my favorite AC/DC shirt with white skinny jeans with a hole in the knee. I put on makeup and do my hair. When u head downstairs, I smell something mouth watering. I run down the stairs. When I see what my brother cooked for breakfast, I tackled him in a hug.

"Ahhhhhh!" He screams.

"Your amazing! Really." I say to him as I fill my plate. I grab pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, and ,my favorite, homemade blackberry syrup.

"Your welcome" he says as I sit down to eat.

"Mmmmmm"I say.

"Hurry. We need to get to school. I'll be in the car." He says to me.

As I finish, I put my plate in the sink and grab my backpack and head to the car.

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