Clara helps Torchwood

Clara gets left in the middle of Cardiff with no idea whats going on. What happens when she finds a mutual friend of the Doctors? Will she get even get to see the doctor again?

A.N. Please dont kill me over this story. I would have loved to see this in the actual show but sadly Clara is no longer around :(


3. Why have I heard that name before?

Jack moves closer to me as if he is thinking that I will run away. He is right because I don't need anymore confusion than what I already have running through my head. "Jack, why are you telling me this? Shouldn't Torchwood be kept a secret from people?" He nods then he tries to grab my wrist however I am too fast for him. I run away as quick as the Doctor does when he is being chased which is surprisingly fast. I stop running when I reach the beach and I accidentally run into someone. "I am so sorry. I need to watch where I'm going." The man looks at me and helps me up. "It's okay. It happens all the time to me. My name is Connor Ryan and your name is....?" I look at the man trying to gather my thoughts real quick. "My name is Clara Oswald. It is very nice to met you Connor. I am very sorry about running into you." He lightly chuckles and I realize that he has a 'ball cap' in his hand. "That is a very nice hat. Can I borrow it for a second? I am trying to hide from a friend of mine." He nods 'yes' then he helps me out it on. Just as we get the hat on my head, Jack comes running over to us. "I am so sorry to interrupt you and your friend. I am looking for someone with longish brown hair. Have you seen her?" Connor speaks up for me and tells Jack that I ran over to The London Eye. He thanks us and heads toward the eye. "Thank you so much Connor. I owe you a favor. Here is your hat before I forget to give it to you." "Clara, you don't owe me anything. I ought to thank you for the nice change of events." I am shocked because I don't always hear those words in that exact order. "Clara, do you need a place to stay while your in town? If you do, I have an extra room in my flat." "I would hate to be a pest. Are you sure that it would be okay?" He holds out his hand and I take it feeling safe. He reminded me of the Doctor when it came to me being in a new environment. "I'm positive, and I would make up your mind quick because I think I see your friend coming back this way." "Let's go but I have to write him a message first. Is that okay?" Connor nods and I pick a pencil and notepad out of my purse. I flip to a blank page and tear it out. I then write the following note: 

Captain Jack, 

        I am quite honestly surprised that you fell for that little trick. Anyways I am going to a friends flat to stay and I suggest that you don't try to find me. I am trying to cope with all of this information that has been thrown at me. I am sorry that I ran but that is how I have been 'trained' by the Doctor. I might see you sooner than you think.  

Clara Oswald

I then set the note down and follow Connor to his flat. He shows me around and takes me to the extra room. It is painted the same color as the TARDIS. I thank him and try to get some sleep. I silently hope that the Doctor is doing alright without me. And with that I finally fall asleep, and I dream about the adventures that the Doctor and I have had so far.

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