Clara helps Torchwood

Clara gets left in the middle of Cardiff with no idea whats going on. What happens when she finds a mutual friend of the Doctors? Will she get even get to see the doctor again?

A.N. Please dont kill me over this story. I would have loved to see this in the actual show but sadly Clara is no longer around :(


1. What is so secret that I can't be with him?

Hello. I am Clara Oswald and this is the story of how I met and helped Captain Jack Harkness. This story has a twist in it and I will get to that eventually. Before I get started on a tangent, I need to get back to the story.

Anyways, I was walking around the TARDIS amazed at all of the people that I got to meet on the planet of Traken. I thought they were very polite but the trip was cut short. The Doctor got a call on his phone that I gave him so that he could always find me if we got separated. I decided that he needed time with his favorite blue box. I went to my room and started to read when I heard him yell at the TARDIS. I walk out of my room and into the main control room where the Doctor is throwing a massive fit that has to deal with me in some way. "Doctor, are you okay? You haven't been yourself since that phone call." He looks at me with complete shock then tries to cover it up with the basic reasons. "Doctor, what's wrong? You know you can tell me anything." He looks at me then he looks at the console. "Clara, I have some urgent business that requires me take care of it by myself. I'm sorry, but I can't take you with me."  I looked at him with a mix of confusion and anger then I run into my room and slam the door shut. I can't believe he would do this after everything that we went through. After 5 minutes I hear the Doctor knocking on my door, "Clara, can I come in? I need to talk to you, please." He sounded so hurt and he knows that I can't stand it. "Okay just give me a minute. I need to put my books away before you see the chaos." I put my book away and I opened my door to a hologram version of the Doctor. "Nice try with the hologram, Doctor. I want to talk to the real you." He appears after 2 minutes and gets rid of the hologram. "You know that I am not good at explaining things to you." I shake my head because I should have remembered that. I give him a hug and ask him where I will be during this trip of his. He told me that he would leave me in a town called Cardiff. I have no idea why he would leave my in Cardiff when I don't know anybody in that town at all. "I am going to make some fish fingers and a souffle. Do you want me to make anything else?" His eyes light up at the mention of fish fingers. "Clara could you make some custard, please?" I nodded and headed to the kitchen. While I was cooking the Doctor made sure my phone had an infinite service. Then we ate in my dining room after we ate I got to say good bye and good luck. After the TARDIS landed I got out and I was pretty much in the middle of a city with a huge pillar on my right. "So, this is Cardiff? I thought it would be nicer than this." "Yes Clara, this is Cardiff. I have an acquaintance who lives/works here. He should be able to help keep you safe." I gave the Doctor a final hug and with that he left and I was alone.   

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