The Long Night

Gotham. Filled to the brim with criminals and con-men. When a super prison is built in the heart of the city, it attracts the attention of everyone. Including the bat. When the walls went up, stuff went down. Bruce Wayne openly protests the prison and is arrested. Everything went according to plan. But on who's account?
This is book 2 in the 'Night' series.


1. Chapter 1

   Nine a.m: 
  Bruce was still asleep and Alfred was doing the morning chores. The second to last thing-right before waking Bruce up-was to fetch the paper for him. 
  He shuffled his feet to a stop as he stared down at the headline. 'Prison To Be Built In The City.' Out of sheer curiosity, he kept reading. His eyes widened. Before he could react in any way, he put the paper down and next to Bruce's plate, straightened up, and went to wake Bruce up. 
  Nine-thirty a.m: 
  Bruce sat up and ran his hand through his hair. He had a few cuts and bruises on his face, arms, and chest area from the night before. He was attacked by at least ten thugs, two with knives and six with guns. They had a hostage and he had to get him out of there before he got hurt. 
  One-fifteen a.m:
  Batman stared into the building, narrowing his eyes as he switched to detective mode. 'Four men. Two unarmed, two armed with knives. Six men on the level below with guns. One hostage. This should be easy.' He thought to himself. He jumped off of the building, letting the air catch his cape before grabbing ahold to glide into the window. 
  Glass scattered across the floor as the hostage cowered against the wall. The thugs shielded their faces from the glass with their arms. When they looked up to see what had crashed through the window, their fears and suspicion came true. In front of them was a dark, long eared silhouette. It was the Batman, crouching on the floor, head lowered and glaring at them. 
  In the blink of an eye, Batman was lunging at the thugs. Taking one by the throat and throwing him against the wall. Another snuck up behind him, a crowbar raised and ready to swing. Batman quickly turned and grabbed ahold of the crowbar and flipped the thug onto the other(who was only starting to recover from the previous hit). 
  Another thug ran at him with a knife. He slashed at the Bat, hoping to land a hit. At one point, the blade cut his cheek. Batman stopped dodging immediately and grabbed his attacker's arm before bending it in an unnatural way. The thug wailed loudly as he cradled the now broken wrist before dropping to the floor. 
  There was a large bang at the door. Batman paused for a moment, listening for another bang. The doors swung open and the thugs started shooting. The unarmed thug Batman was pummeling was shot down. Batman jumped for the hostage, but before he got there, the bullets had stopped at the sound of a whistle. The men looked around before two were pulled into the wall beside them by black gloved hands. The floor beneath another two had collapsed after the sound of an explosion. 
  Robin ran past the last two, threw a smoke pellet, and grabbed the hostage before jumping out of the window. Batman turned back to the cloud of smoke before him. He grappled to the horizontal support beams to take out the last two. They emerged from the smoke, guns ready. One thug stopped just below the beam Batman was balancing on.
  A blur was all that could be seen as he snatched up the thug, hanging him from the beam and moving quickly, dropping behind the last thug as he investigated his hanging companion. Batman covered his mouth and nose, the thug struggled in his grasp, dropping his gun and going limp. He let go and stood up, looking out the window at Robin, who stood on the building across from him. 
  Batman jumped out the window before grappling. He landed on the building, glaring at Robin subtly.
  "Turns out their hostage was Jack Ryder." Robin said while crossing his arms. 
  "I had this under control. You didn't have to do this." Batman scolded. Jack had entered the apartment building they were standing on by now, not interested in the slightest in what they were talking about.
  "Bruce, he would've died." Robin argued. He didn't retort. He just turned around to leave. 
  "Next least tell me if you're helping or not. There are other places that need you." 
~Flashback end~
  Ten o'clock a.m:
  Bruce sat down at the table, taking a sip of his coffee before picking up the newspaper. Alfred walked up behind him, looking for a reaction. He placed the paper down and looked up at his butler.
  "The old district right?" He asked calmly. Alfred nodded sullenly. 
  "I'm afraid so, sir." He answered. Bruce closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He remembered that terrible night. They were out, having fun as a family, then he came in. As he sat there, crying on the ground, the man got away with his father's money. He touched a pearl before screaming out finally.
  "Master Bruce?" Alfred asked, snapping Bruce out of his trance.
  "This can't happen, Alfred." He said as he stood up. Alfred bowed his head slightly.
  "Of course, sir."

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