The blessed and the cursed

In Takete there are two kinds of people the nugatory and the reverent. The reverent are the rich and powerful the king is graced with being the vessel of one of the two male gods. Each lifetime a different goddess chooses a reverent girl to be her vessel and become queen. The nugatory are like bugs beneath their feet. So oppressed that they are almost slaves. Ambalay was born a nugatory but whithin her is Tesumi, the goddess of fate and mischief. Nothing like this has ever happened before, but Ambalay is put into a position that would benefit her oppressed people and the goddess inside her and she will stop at nothing.


1. Kysuto pov

Kysuto pov

I watched at the end of the bed as my elder twin brother held the hand of or dieing father.

"My son you must find her" King Deliro wheezed. Their conversation had once again turned to the fact that my brothers wife had not been found.

"I will interview every girl again, she just must not know she is a vessel yet." Zakio promised, squeezing fathers hand even tighter. Sometimes I was jealous of my brother. He was the elder twin picked by the god Resira to be his vessel and as such the next king. He was the special child that got to be close to our father whom was the vessel for the god Dakiga. The gods Resira and Dakiga were brothers who created the world and everything on it. They mostly just let us live as we want but are able to manipulate the people through their vessels, the kings. I was nothing but a mistake, the accidental child. Today I was not jealous of him though. I would not mourn our father as much and I would not have to find and marry a stranger.

A small huff of breath shook me from my thoughts. I turned and saw Starra, the oracle standing off to the side behind me. From behind one wouldn't be able to tell she was special. She was a short girl with perfect golden curls. It was her eyes they were all black except for her bright blue irises, it was quite unsettling.

"I might be blind but I can feel you staring your highness. She whispered in her singsongy voice.

"Many pardons" I quickly looked away.

"Think nothing of it, it's hard to loose your father wether you are nine or nineteen. You're allowed to forget some of your manures."

"That's when you lost your father, when you were nine I mean."

"Yes ten years ago tomorrow I was brought to the palace after the royal guard found my father had been hiding me and killed him. I remember you were very surprised we were the same age."

"Yes." I had forgotten about that. Starra had been a nugatory before she was the oracle. Nugatory weren't allowed to have families. Designated birth mothers gave birth and gave their babies to specialized care centers where child care takers looked after them until they were old enough to be put into housing with several other children as roommates. They then had to pick apprenticeships and were given trial periods and the end of all of them they had to pick the job they would do for the rest of their life. They were little more than tools for the reverent, tools for people like me. "Starra, do you hate me?" The words tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop them.

"No," a tiny knowing smile spread across her lips, "you have a good heart Kysuto, your heart will save you some day." I was about to ask her what she meant when Zakio let go of fathers hand and step back.

"Kysuto, my boy, come." Father commanded holding out his hand for me to take, which I did. "You are a kind and strong man. Your brother will need you, you will support him won't you?"

"Yes of course. I won't let you down father."

"Good" he sighed, sinking back into his pillows, a tiny content smile on his lips. Suddenly his hand became limp in mine, I carefully set it down and turn to the priests hiding in the back of the room.

"Get my father ready for burial." I command. "Let it be known the old king is dead, long live the new King Zakio!" I almost shout letting everyone know that I do not challenge my brother for the throne.

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