John Death

In the search for protection from his enemies, a wealthy businessman hires the service of John Death, a hero to whom he owes his life, and hands the keys to his empire which within lies his sole possession; his daughter. A move which would later see its folly.


6. The Confession


Monday, 15th July


John walked through the aisle of an empty chapel, on reaching the altar he stared at the giant crucifix on the wall in front of him, he took a turn to his left and into the confessional.

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned,” John whispered on his knees, “My last confession was about a decade ago and these are my sins; I have lost count of the lies I’ve told, committed adultery, and have been rebellious to the words in the good book.”

“For your penance,” said the Priest, “Please pray…”

 “That’s not all, father!” John interposed, “I will need you to listen if you really want to help!”

“Okay…I’m here if you are willing to share, my child!” responded the Priest.

“Someone had my brother killed about three weeks back, and in the process my sister was violated. She was five months pregnant, all these over a little misunderstanding my brother had with his girl at a club…” said John, “…and I’m here to avenge them!”

“My child, there is no need to do that,” the Priest cleared his throat, “Deuteronomy 32:35 says; Vengeance is Mine, and recompense, Against the time when their foot shall slip; For the day of their calamity is at…”

“I have been reading that chapter for the past 13days, father!” John responded, “Foreswear the scriptures and talk to me in a language my flesh can comprehend!”

“You see, child,” responded the Priest, “Why we need to forgive is not so the enemy can go scot-free after the evil they had done to us…but so that we shall have everlasting peace within us. The spirit of Vengeance is one of the heaviest burden, child. People who wronged you and those who plan evil against you are working under an evil spirit that controls them. Forgive, so you don’t end up like the enemy you are trying to fight! Whatever the prob…”

“I kept my life away from them so they don’t get to be affected by it, in any way,” John sobbed, “I have failed them, I was never there to protect them when they needed me the most!”

“Son, you need to know that it’s not your fault, you should also know that Jesus can take that pain away and give you the peace your heart desires,” said the Priest, “You sound troubled and hurt!”

“But father,” said John, “Any God who would sit back and permit my enemies do to me that which they wished and willed, and the same God says I should forgive my foes at the time I am about to make a move to take vengeance, isn’t it obvious that He is more of their god than mine, and more on my enemy’s side?”

“No! No, Son,” answered the Priest, “You’ve got it all wrong, child. You see, God’s ways are not our ways. In order for you to find inner peace…you must forgive those who wronged you, including those who hate you for no just cause, and pray for them, and bless them. For the children of the light must let that light in them shine forth so that God can heal and lift them, this way His name is glorified!”

 “I didn’t come here so you’d help me change my mind, father” said John, “I came here so you’d help me trap the man who did this to my family!”

“Pardon?” stammered the shocked Priest as he made a move to go out of the confessional.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Samuel!” John said as he folded two photographs and pushed them through the latticed opening.

“Where did you get this?” the Priest asked on unveiling the pictures, “This…this is not me, these are photoshopped! I’m a minister of God! Mister, I do not know who you are but if you do not get out of my church, I won’t have any choice but to call the police!”

“Go ahead, Samuel, call the cops,” said John, “I’ve got more where that came from. Even pictures of your dealings with your boss Tobriano, and how you help him smuggle and move cake in form of communion through the communities. I don’t think the church organisation would take that lightly once they find out, let alone the cops?”

“I do not know what you are talking about,” said the Priest in a trembling voice.

“I know you don’t, because I don’t either, father Samuel!” said John, “But I’m sure these shots do!” he pushed more photos through.

The Priest pulled out a white handkerchief and wiped his face, watching the photos as he trembled, “What do you want?”

“Now you’re talking, Sam,” John answered, “Now you’re talking! So, you and I are going to make a deal, okay?”

“Okay!” he replied, still sweating like a goat in the box, “What exactly do you want?”

“There is a man called Podius Podrufio, aka the Director,” said John, “I believe you’ve heard of him. He works for the National Petroleum Company but you and I know exactly the kind of shady business he runs both home and abroad. Being the fact that you work for his rival in the business I guess you know him far well than I do. Are you listening, Samuel?”

“Yeah…yes, I’m listening!” he answered.

“Good!” said John, “Now, his daughter’s birthday is Saturday the 19th, four days from now. You’ll find a way to make your boss believe that Podius has put up strategies to not only take over the entire territory but also to kill him. Your job is just to convince your boss to attack Podius on Friday the 18th at the Ariesian plaza! Are we clear?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t help you with that, and Mister…” said the Priest, “Get out of my church!”

John got out of his compartment and rushed to the side where the Priest was seated, he forced it open and hit the Preacher with the edge of his pistol on the forehead, and again on the lower jaw.

“How are you sure he’ll be at the plaza that day?” cried the bleeding Priest.

“Good question, father.” John responded, “Well, since you asked, let me get back to my side of the box so we’d continue our deal!”

John left the Priest and went back to his compartment and on his knees, again.

“Podius always and only goes to one place to get his lovely daughter a present for the past six years. So, my best guess is that he’ll be there on Friday. If you convince your boss to send some of his finest and best boys after Podius on Friday, you and I are going to be best of friends and I’ll deliver to you the rest of the photographs by myself, including the soft copies in the very computer I saved them. I will walk away from your ‘holy life,’ so you’d continue your-ministering job. I mean, work! I’ll let you go along and save more lives for Jesus! How about that?”

“That’s it?” asked the Priest, “Once I do that, I’m free?”

“You’re not on my list yet, father Samuel,” said John.

“How do I reach you?” asked the Priest, “and what name do you go by?”

“Worriest not thou on how thou can reacheth me, father. I shall find thee!” came the reply, “The name’s Death, John Death!”














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