Cover Store (OPEN)

Doing covers just comment what you would like (OPEN)


11. Dear Dovely Cameron

Um sorry I don't think I can do your cover. It's just to hard to really blend together and there aren't many pics of the guy you asked for. I have some edits but I know they suck but I don't I'm that good of an editor for your type of cover. Sorry love. 

There should be other open cover stores on here but I'm sorry I can't make your cover/  try to make everyone's. But I have this problem where if something isn't perfect I get itchy and when I do covers I try to make them as perfect as I can. And this one just made me itchy. 

I hope you can find someone to do your cover.


P.S. Hope you don't think I'm weird because of mu condition...I can't help it



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