How the bad boy stole my heart

Meet Katie Johonson. She is a 17 years old girl from Ohio. She has always lived a quiet life. A life without any drama and without problems.
She lives with har mother, and you can always find her with a nose in a book.

Now meet Parker Rivers. He does everything he is not supposed to do and he gets away with almost anything, because of his ridiculous good looks. He picks girls op at every party he goes to, and then just dump them the next day.

Katie and Parker are completely opposites, and just by looking at them they could never work, but what if the good girl isn't as good as she pretends to be. And what if the bad boy isn't as bad as hé pretends to be.

None of them are looking for love, but will they find it anyway?


1. Chapter 1


Chapter one

"Katie wake up honey!" My mother yells from downstairs. I throw my pillow at the door and get out of bed. I can't believe that the summer is a ready over. Jamie and I had so much Fun. We went to his family's cabin, and we spent the entire summer just reading, going to parties and exploring the forest around us.

Every summer since I was nine I went with Jamie and his family to his cabin. It was like a second home for me, but now it is time to go back to my reality, which, sadly for me, is High School.

I walk over to my closet, and try to decide what to wear. Right now I have the feeling that, even though I am starring into a fully packed closet, it feel like I have nothing to wear.

Finally i choose an outfit. I decide to go with some bright blue jeans and a simple black top. I look at the clock and I realize that I am late. As I run down the stairs, I see my little brother.

"Goodbye Jack! Oh can you tell mother that I needed to go or else I am going to be late on my first day. Jack just nods and takes his eyes back onto the television.

I rush out into the hallway, and throw on my favorite shoes, my low black Converse. While i run towards my little yellow car I realize that I have NOT texted Jamie yet. I quickly grab my phone from my back pocket and send a text to Jamie

-Hey Jamie<3 Just wanted to let you know that I'm leaving my house now. Meet me in front of the school?:) Love Kat

I now rush into my car and I get on the road. It takes about 15 minutes to my school, so I am not so late after all.

I park my car and I walk towards Jamie, who is leaning towards a tree. He is actually pretty cute. He has blond short hair, piercing blue eyes, and he is really tall. I myself is also pretty tall, bit it never bothered me.

"Hey Kitty" Jamie says as I reach the tree he is leaning against. "Hey Jamie" I say and hug him. "And I hate that nickname" I say trying to be serious, but i just end up laughing instead. This is why I love Jamie. He always makes me laugh.

As we walk towards the school Jamie asks my if I am ready to go back to hell and for the first time in a while I think I might be.

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