Rules for life with an alpha

Life isn't always easy. And it's not supposed to be easy. But even if it isn't easy, there is some tricks to help it on the way.
Hey. My name is Aiden White, I'm 17 years old. I live alone because my parents kicked me out, when they found out I was gay, and that was when I was 15. I'm 5'5 feet, has brown, medium long hair and a pair of green eyes, that I'm very proud of.
And this is my, not so great, life and how I survive it.


8. Chapter 8

It's monday and I'm still at home. I can't face Jack. I blush every time I think of the kiss. He really has me falling. And I think he was happy I send him a text the evening I ran home. I just hope he doesn't take it the wrong way.

I got a cat too. Carl said he would pay for everything. I am so happy. Now I am not alone anymore. I named her Ms. Fluffy of course. Now Jack can't say I lied to him.

Speaking of Jack. I find it kind of weird he hasn't tried to contact me as much as I thought he would. I don't really know what to think of that. I am kind of disappointed. But I think Carl has something to do with it.

It 3 pm now. I would be home by now if I had went to school. I wonder what Jack is doing.

I hear the doorbell go of. Wonder who that could be. It can't be Carl. He gets of around 4, 4:30. I open the door and starts blushing.

There in my doorway stands Jack.

"Dog poop, cat poop, horse poop, cow poop, any kind of poop. Jack, what are you doing here?!"

"I came to see if you were alright. I thought it only were last week you would be sick. Carl gave me your address. Do you mind if I come in?"

"No, come in. You are staying here Ms. Fluffy."

"So you do have a cat."

"Of course I have a cat. Why would I be lying?"

"To get home quicker then anticipated."

He got me there.

I put Ms. Fluffy down again and she walks over to Jack and rubs herself on his leg. Seems like she likes him. I smile at that thought. If she likes him, then maybe I should give him a try.

I go in to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Jack and Ms. Fluffy follows.

"Would you like some?"

"No thank you. I'm good."

We are silence for a while before Jack walks over to me, almost traps me, and asks a question I have been wondering about myself.

"Are you okay?"

I look everywhere but him while taking a sip of my tea. I put my teacup down on the counter.

"I have been asking myself that. It's a little hard to understand that somebody loves you after what I have been through. I just thought that… if I kept my distance from you and… didn't talk to you… I wouldn't fall for you… I didn't think anyone would love me after what my parents told me… before the kicked me out… But… maybe I should stop listen to what others think, and start listing to what I think, then… maybe I could be happy."

Jack puts both arms up on the cupboard, trapping me.

"And what do you think?"

"That I should start listing to my feelings and just go with it."

He leans close to my face so or noses are almost touching.

"Does that mean you will give me a change and stop running away?"


"Great. 'Cause now that you can't run away, I am never letting you go again."

And in an instant his lips are on mine. I gasp at the surprise, which allows him full access to my mouth. I can't help but melt in to the kiss with a moan right away. My hands finds their way to his hair and I hear him give a moan. He lifts my legs so I am strangling him and his hands goes to loosen my shirt. His hands finds their way to my nipples and I can't help but moan.

Jack breaks the heated kiss. It's first when I take a breath that I realize just how out of breath I was. I notice his eyes are a bright golden color again. He has to tell me why they chance color at some time.

"I really like your moans when they are muffled by a kiss. Wonder how they sound without being muffled by a kiss."

Jack attacks my neck with small kisses and love bites. He keeps kissing and biting until he finds my sweet spot. I let out a loud moan and he bites down, which causes me to moan louder. I thought it would hurt to be bitten, but this is surprising pleasurable. But somehow I feel really tired.

"You are mine now. This mark proofs it. You will get the full mark after we mate. But now, sleep my lovely mate."

My eyelids go heavy and the last thing I see and the last thing that crosses my mind before it all goes dark, is Jack smiling face. It's nice to see an actual smile instead of his usual smirk.

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