Rules for life with an alpha

Life isn't always easy. And it's not supposed to be easy. But even if it isn't easy, there is some tricks to help it on the way.
Hey. My name is Aiden White, I'm 17 years old. I live alone because my parents kicked me out, when they found out I was gay, and that was when I was 15. I'm 5'5 feet, has brown, medium long hair and a pair of green eyes, that I'm very proud of.
And this is my, not so great, life and how I survive it.


3. Chapter 3

Alright. So, I found out that Jack and I have 1,2,4 and 6 class together. Apparently he was the new student in the two of my classes. And now I'm waiting for him outside the school, like he told me to… Fick, what is it I am doing. I should be on my way home right now. He isn't here so he can't tell me to stay, and he doesn't know where I live. But then again. If I go, then I can't fulfill that favor I owe him. Fick.

And another thing. I shouldn't go home with a boy I have just met. He could be a serial killer for what I know. He is no good for me, and with his looks can he get every girl he wants, and boys too. So why me???

I'm only going home to him so I can pay him back, that's the only reason. And after that I am just going to avoid him for the rest of my life. If I can. I don't care that he says he likes me. It could be some kind of sick joke.

I am just going to hurry out of the classes we have together, not talking to him, and if he is beside me locker, since he know where it is, then I don't care about my books. I know most of the stuff the teachers are teaching us anyway.

Speaking of my locker, I haven't being pushed there in since I talked to Jack. I have just being getting a lot more irritated looks than normal.

Does Jack has something to do with it? Has he beaten some boy or girl in front of everybody ells and told them not to bully me? I sure hope not. That will just make it worse.

Speaking of the devil, here he comes. I hope he has a good explanation for letting me wait 20 minutes.

"Sorry Love, for the long wait. I had to call my parents to tell them you were coming over and staying for dinner."

"That's okay, I don't mind wai… Hold your horses, did you just call me Love and said I am staying for dinner?"

I don't mind waiting 20 minutes, if it was because he had to call his parents to tell I'm coming over, but calling me Love and saying I'm staying for dinner without asking me if I can, that's stepping over the line mister.

"Yes, I called you Love, I like you and when you blush. It's cute. And yes, I said you are staying for dinner, because you are. End of discussion."

With that he left me, again. And when he told me, he thought me blushing was cute, was when I discovered I was blushing. And that was all because he called me love.

It was first when I got to the car, I got a good look at it. It was a black and yellow Nissan Skyline GT-R R34. (pic. beneath, 'cause I know nothing about cars. I just thought this one was beautiful, so I did some research) I don't know much about cars, nut that was one gorgeous car. How can he afford such a car? It must be pretty expensive.

Jack caught me looking at his car. He just smirked and hopped in. I am not getting in that car. I afraid I will break something. Jack just stared at me from inside his car, still with a smirk on his face. If he do not take that stupid smirk off of his face, then I'm gonna take a whole lot of pink paint, and then his car will not be that awesome anymore. He will probably not drive in it.

Well, I got in the car. I didn't look at him. I still can't get over he called me Love. And now I'm not only meting his parents, I'm eating dinner with them. I swear to the love of pink ballerinas and glittering rainbows that this is going to end like when there is no food on Thanksgiving. 


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