Rules for life with an alpha

Life isn't always easy. And it's not supposed to be easy. But even if it isn't easy, there is some tricks to help it on the way.
Hey. My name is Aiden White, I'm 17 years old. I live alone because my parents kicked me out, when they found out I was gay, and that was when I was 15. I'm 5'5 feet, has brown, medium long hair and a pair of green eyes, that I'm very proud of.
And this is my, not so great, life and how I survive it.


2. Chapter 2

It's lunch time now. The classes went by in a heartbeat. I didn't pay attention to the lesions most of the time, or that will say at all, but that doesn't matter. I just couldn't get Jack out of me head and what he said. What did he mean by mate?

One thing I did catch, was that we got a new student in two of my classes. I don't really know who, since I didn't pay attention, but I do know, that that person is sitting beside me in both classes in the very back of the classroom. I'm sitting in the back because the other students think it's a disease to be gay, and since everyone is sitting up front, the only seats left is around me. Though I'm happy for that. That just means nobody is going to disturb me, so I can sit in me own thoughts.

As I said, it's lunchtime, but instead of sitting in the library with Carl, I am stuck in my locker. Great.

I never eat in the cafeteria. That is where all my bullies is.

 There were a time, where I ate in the cafeteria. But after a time, where somebody poured a hole carton of milk over me, where after I was pushed down in the trashcan, and on my way to the boys toilet to clean myself, Carl offered to eat with him in the library. We were friends before that, so it wasn't as awkward as it could have been.

I have now banged on my locker door and yelled for what seems like forever, and I'm still stuck in my locker. Maybe I should just eat my lunch here.

Another good advice, bring your own lunch. It can save you from the long line and the bullies in the cafeteria.

Carl must be busy with a task, and I don't have any other friends or somebody who likes me to help me out.

Just as I am to take a bit of my delusions sandwich, somebody knocks on my locker on my locker door and scares the shot out of me.

"Are you okay in there? Do you need any help?"

My knight in shinny armor has come to my safety. I don't recognize the voice, but that is not going to stop me from getting out.

"Yes please, that would be fantastic. The combination for the locker is 594."

And wula, I'm out and face to face with the sex god I couldn't get out of my head the entire day. Can you imagine how red my face was.

Well, when I'm out of my locker, I can't look him in the eye. They are this dark color, but I can see a hint of golden in them, and then he has this smirk, ugh.

I'm still blushing, and do not dare to look at him, but I did get a thank you out, on my own weird way.

"You should get a Nobel prize for that. Thank you Jack. I owe you one, thanks again, I better get going."

As I said, my own weird way.

And with that said, I sprint my way to the library. But before I can take more than 2 steps, Jack had taking a hold of my upper arm and spun me around.

"You are very welcome Aiden. You can fulfill your debt today, if you want. But first I would like to ask you something."

He had my attention, but I am too nerves about what he wants me to do for him, and what he is going to ask me about. When I didn't say anything, he took it as a 'go ahead'.

"Why were you locked in, what I presume is your locker?"

Dog poop. That was was I was afraid he would ask about. He doesn't know that I am gay. He will probably lock me in my locker too, if he finds out. We could have been friends, but I can't lie to him. There goes that friendship.

With a sigh I start telling him.

"That's because I'm gay. The hole school finds it disgusting, so I am the ultimate bully victim. Carl is the one to help me out of my locker. He is the only friend that I have."

My eyes are stick to the floor. Jacks aura is screaming anger. Is it me he is so pissed at? Do he hate gays too? God, I just knew it.

I turn around and begin walking away to the library again. Carl might not be here, but I still have to eat me lunch.

I am walking towards the library with fast steps in one moment, and in the next I am being dragged towards the cafeteria by Jack, in a speed where I have to run a bit.

"Carl got a task by one of the teachers, so he can't eat lunch with you. That gives you a lot of time to tell me exactly who it is, that is bulling you. Then I'm going to beat the shit out of them, even if it is some girls. Nobody bullies my mate."

He got me pulled all the way to the cafeteria and even a bit inside, before I awoke from my little trance I was in. In some way I got us both out of the cafeteria again and inside the boys toilet.

"Okay Jack, now you listen very well. Okay? I wouldn't say I get bullied, it came out wrong before. and nobody is beating the shit out of anybody! Is that clear?! And what the hell is it with that mate thing? What do you mean by mate?"

Jacks eye were still showing anger, but there were another emotion too. A emotion I haven't seen before.

"I'm sorry Aiden, but no matter what you say, it still is and sounds like bulling to me. And beating the shit out of them is my way of telling them that bulling others for the one they love is wrong. You are welcome to try and talk them out of it. But you can't. you just can't talk people out of it."

That was deep. Why does he have to be that hot. It's irritating. He would never want me, if he is gay that is. Which I doubt he is. He is too good looking to be gay.

"That might be, but that is still no reason to beat somebody. Why do you even care?"

"I'm gay."

"Excuse me, what?"

"I'm gay, and I really like. Come to my house after school, so you can fulfill that favor off yours."

And with that, he left.

He just left me standing there, in  chock, and with the biggest blush ever. And now I am coming with him home after school. I didn't even get to go after him to protest, because just as I left the bathroom, the bell rings for us to go to our next class.

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