Rules for life with an alpha

Life isn't always easy. And it's not supposed to be easy. But even if it isn't easy, there is some tricks to help it on the way.
Hey. My name is Aiden White, I'm 17 years old. I live alone because my parents kicked me out, when they found out I was gay, and that was when I was 15. I'm 5'5 feet, has brown, medium long hair and a pair of green eyes, that I'm very proud of.
And this is my, not so great, life and how I survive it.


14. Chapter 14

Alright Aiden, calm down. If you are right, then it isn't so bad. If he decides to lie to you, then you know he doesn't really love you, and isn't worth a penny. If he does decide to tell the truth, then it is the perfect time to tell the truth. Oh flowerpot, we are here now.

At least I wasn't the only one nerves. Jack was almost melting in his sweat. Like, if I touched him, he would burst and in his seat there would be a pool of water, or other human fluids. He was that nerves. This only raised my suspicion, though.

Jack parked the car, too nerves to look at me. I sighed.

"You don't have to be so nerves, Jack. I only want an explanation. If you can't explain what is going on to me, or the truth for that matter, then I don't think I can trust you, and I want to trust you. More then I already do. And if you can't trust me with this, then how are we going to be in a relationship, if we can't trust each other?"

Jack looks sad for a moment, looking down at his lap. His eyes shines from the tears that are gathering slowly.

"I know it's just… I don't want to lose you. I already care about so much, I can't imagine a life without you… I don't want you to be afraid of me."

I smile at his comment. He really does care. His reaction shows how much he is afraid of losing me. How much he really loves me, and I couldn't wish for more.

"I know I can't promise you I won't be afraid, but I can promise you I will keep an open mind."

"Okay. Let's go to the garden."

Jack opens his door, and walks to my side, helping me out since I am still very injured. When we get to the kitchen, 'cause that is on the way to the garden, I spot Carl. I can't believe Carl lives here too! I get Jack to stop for a moment. I point my pointy finger at him.

"You! You have a lot to explain too. When I get back in, you better start start talking."

Carl flinches and goes pail. He knows what's coming. The wrath of the almighty Aiden! The master of ignoring you! King of sarcasm and cold shoulders. He better be scared.

Jack and I made it to the garden. He helped me down on the grass before he sat before me. I could see he was thinking hard, about what he was going to say. It kinda warmed my heart.  He wanted us to work, and he didn't want to make a fuss about it. It was so obvious he thought the worse would happen, if he didn't get it out right.

I toke his hands in mine and gave him an encouraging smile. Jack let out a small blow of air before he looked me in the eyes.

"Aiden, I know we haven't known each other for long, but I love you so much. You are the only think going through my head day in and day out. And to be hornet, I wouldn't want it any different. I don't want a life without you, and that's why this is so hard for me. The thought of loosing you to something I can't change, even if I wanted to, is killing me. You promised to keep an open mind, so please, don't freak out."

He waited a moment, before continuing.

"Aiden, I am a werewolf."

There was silence for a while. Only the sound of the wind blowing in the trees could be heard. Jack was shifting in his seat. I held a blank face.

"Show me. Show me you are a werewolf."

Jack got more scared then before. I am pretty sure he thought, that the sight and sound of his wolf would scare me away. That I would call him a monster. I would never call anyone a monster, but I think I might be scared in the beginning, if he was telling the truth.

Jack got up, and started taking off his cloths. I blushed at the sight and quickly put my hands in front of my eyes. My still virgin eyes.

After a while, the sound of bones cracking could be heard. It was an awful sound. Instead of my hand in front of my eyes, they were on my ears with my eyes tightly shut.

When I couldn't hear anything, I opened my eyes and in front of me stood a dark brown wolf. It was way taller than me, and I am pretty sure it would still be taller than me if I stood up. The wolf was whining and bowing it's head. It sat down a bit away from me. I started laughing. The wolf looked worried at me, confused.

I stood up and walked to the wolf.

"You didn't have to be that nerves, Jack. I knew already."

Jack looked shocked at me. His eyes shining that golden color they sometimes do. I started petting him, feeling how soft his fur was.

"I was very confused at first, with the mate thing and all. And your eyes changing color was weird, I wouldn't have thought you would be a werewolf. What gave you up, was when I got back to your place hurt, I would guess. And the growling at my house made it obvious. But I must say, I never thought I would be mated to an alpha."

Jack changed back, and oh my lovely view flower, it toke all I had not to look down at all his gorgeousness.

"How? How could you know we even existed?"

I looked at him with a smile.

"I have been alone for 2 years. I haven't had any friends. I had to do something so I wouldn't feel alone. I have read a lot of books these past few years, and some of them were about werewolves. They were my favorites, actually. So, I, Aiden White, accept you, Jack England, as my mate."

Jack became quiet and his eyes glanced over with tears. He smiled and launched at me, naked, if I may say. Can you imagine how my flushed face was. He embarrassed me and brought his lips to mine. The kiss was sweet, loving and full of love. I couldn't help but close my eyes. When he pulled back from the kiss, I could see that no matter what I did, I couldn't bring down his smile.

"You don't know how relieved I am. I thought I was going to have to lock you up, to keep you at my side. I really love you, Aiden."

I giggled and kissed his nose. I made an attempt to get up, I have had enough of sitting on the ground, but my injuries made it impossible. Jack quickly made it to my side, helping me up on my feet. Once on me feet again, I gave him a kiss and a thank you before I made my way up to the house again. Jack followed behind like a lovesick puppy, he probably was. Jack suddenly pulls me into his chest. I can feel his toned body pressed up against my back. My I remind you, that Jack is still very much naked, and I can feel his thing poking me.

"Where do you think you are going?"

He whispers in my ear. His breath brushing neck, sending shivers down my spine. No, Aiden. You cannot give in to temptation. Not even this pure sexy wolf. But doesn't he know of cloth? No, bad Aiden again. Don't think of his sexy, hot, trained body pressed up against yours. Don't think of all the other things it could be doing to you. I said don't think of it. Oh poop. I have to get away from Jack before I give in.

"I-I am going in to the k-kitchen t-to yell at C-Carl. I am mad at him f-for not t-telling me h-he is a-a w-wolf."

"Oh, I would love to see that."

I wiggle out of Jacks grip before I get a boner, and limp my way as fast as I can in to the kitchen, where Carl stands, not having moved one bit, since I was in there.

Jacks walks in short after me, but now I a pair of pants. I wonder if he was anything under those pants? Maybe Jack will let me check after I am done with Carl? I caught eyes with Jack, and he sends me a knowing look, that makes a tomato appear on my cheeks. I quickly look away like it never happened, and turn me attention to back to Carl, who pretends that I do not exist.

"Carl, would you like to explain, why yOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU WERE A WEREWOLF?!"



Clift hanger~

I am sooooo sorry for not updating before. It was laziness and writers block. But here it is, chapter 14. Hope you enjoy it. See you in next chapter.


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