If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


5. Zero options

After declaring my name, I thought that it would be best for me to return to my track rather than spending any more time with this weakling. As I was about to jump down the back of the beast's body and then run away before the kid(He is actually older) said, "Hey wait!". I almost fell head up. "I am not needed anyway, you will return to your base soon enough,, by the way, you have real rescuer over there." I answered him. "Who? D..don't tell m-" before Ragn could have answered, his sister, Reina knocked him into air by simple punch. "That would hurt....." I said. "Do you know how much I wasted my time worrying about you? You are still crybaby like two years ago." Reina said. "If it wasn't for that kid over there, you could have easily have said your life a good bye." I know that I am only five feet four, but kid?, that was a real insult for me personally. "Good luck getting out of here, and here comes your rescue plane." I said with bit of hate blended tone. "That is not our rescue plane, that is our general's personal plane." Ragn responded. "Welcome, former soldiers, I am here to erase you two." said the general. "What nonsense are you trying to say? Aren't we both a hard-working citizen?" argued Ragn. "Does the good citizen lie about their race?", general replied, "We have better use for internally energy generating creatures such as Elves." "What use are you talking about?" Reina asked. "See for yourself" the general opened the engine of he ship and shows the green crystal core. "Beast cores are red, demon cores are blue, and that core is......for various creatures including Elf...." both Ragn and Reina was speechless.  I kept silence but I couldn't help but to flown at him. "Its a sad thing that you two will only be used as fuels, so I will make sure you become fine piece of jewelry for novels." the general laughed happily. "It was a good thing that we left you two alive when we destroyed the entire village, it was nice to see you training under me, who you should have hated the most." "YOU!" Reina quickly positioned herself and attempted to point the blade to his neck, but at half of the process she was forced to sit on the ground by unknown force. "Is she the raw material for jewelry?" the man asked. "It sure is, and its such a great opportunity to do business with you, Sir Bishop. Bishop is one of highest ranked knights that serve the council, and they are known to be equipped with extremely rare weapons. "ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" Ragn asked as he was shocked by the fear of Bishop's appearance. "I am not definitely sure but I can already see that both of them are already better than emerald." Bishop said. "But, I guess that you are not all that keen after all, for someone of your position to miss on something as large as this." "What is it sir?" general replied. "That kid over there has been imitating unknown aura since I made my appearance here." Bishop answered him. "And black and violet core he has is only something that only the Four Kings of the beast hierarchy can possess." "King? Shouldn't we not retrieve back right now? Even the entire army of our nation can't defeat that thing." said the general in fear. "That part is exactly where you are missing." said Bishop. "I have seen Dragon king once and that is not what it looks like, it might have the same power but it is not fully matured, this is the only chance that we can defeat and get promoted even farther." "ALL FORCES, ATTACK!" general commanded. As soon as he said it, numerous allies came out of camouflage. "I have been kept quiet but it truly irritates me to  experience how rotten human can be." I said with sigh. I first analyzed the positioning and possible combination attacks they can make, then I carefully thought of best counterattack, all within my head with Sage's wisdom. I dislocated the arm of the first opponent and then proceeded to round house kick them with my left feet. Since I didn't compress air like last time, it was only fraction of my first demonstration, but it was more than enough to stop their movements. "If you don't want any more causalities, then leave this area at instant." I declared. "Ugh, this is one and only chance to capture King beast, if you don't attack him now, you will regret about what I am going to do with your relatives." the general said. As soon as they said that, all the soldiers couldn't afford to hesitate anymore. "I am sorry." was expression that was written in their face. "Treating living things like objects and using one's family as excuse to force them to murder someone." I started to get angry. "Don't think you can treat those who are lower than you just because of their position or rank, they all have same value as living beings!."

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