If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


2. Understanding

When humans face danger, there are two types of people, people who are able to utilize only sixty or seventy while ones with the talents are able to utilize up to two hundred percent. I was able to carefully analyze the gravity by simulating myself falling and thought of reversing the process. Since it was my first time doing something like this,it wasn't anywhere close to perfect. Only seventy percent of my body was affected by my anti gravity and I was only able to slow down. Was it because of the anger that I felt? or was it the simply human response to danger? I couldn't afford to waste time thinking, the wound I received was bleeding a river and the pain can't be described with human language. I didn't notice it when I fell but the place that I am in currently is the one of the worst environment I can select. Inferno Hell is off limit zone to all citizens because this place is only place in this world that anything, literally, can happen. "I really ran out of my luck" I said to myself. I sprained my legs during the fall, and I am barely dragging myself if my right arm. I fainted because of blood loss. My memory began to fade, the next thing I noticed was the comfortable feeling of the bed and sweet aroma of food that I haven't had for days. I woke up and only living thing I found was middle aged man. "Who are you?" I asked "I lost my name long time ago, I am now known as the sage" the man said. "Sage? What century is it?" I said with doubt. "Then can you explain how your bleeding stopped within few days?" said the Sage. "What?" I said after looking at my arm. "This can't be, even the best technology of the city can't do something close to this." "Its because you don't understand the reality and the truth of this world" said the man. "You might not be able to swallow down this fact, but listen to my story." "Alright" I nodded. "Once upon a time, the so called ability was referred to as magic, and this was about few hundred years before your time." the man said. "At this time, there was a concept such as martial art and ki, dragons and other mythical creatures, and demons and gods." "How come we don't know anything about it at all?" I asked. "Technology was introduced at the time when one man changed the entire world and rewrote the history." the man continued. "You are able to change your environment because of energy imitated by the corpses of magicians that were massacred." "Wha- the man stopped me and continued. "Chrono has the ultimate ability to control vectors of time, he can literally change the history and rewrite it as long as its in his domain" "Is that how he got the control of the government?" I asked. "Yes, and the test you take to see your ability is to see what type of ability or magic that you can control." the man explained. "There is always one person out of thousands of humans that he can't control their fate because they are not known or recorded by this world, and most of them are orphans like you with no definite past." "Doesn't it mean that he is useless against someone like me?" I asked once again. "Human can't have both ability to use energy from the surroundings and magic which gets it from one's body from certain individuals." He continued. "However, if one were to be human or other inferior beings at birth and were to acquire core or the heart of greater beings such as Dragons, then you are able to have two types of powers simultaneously." "But I heard that he is stronger than generals when it comes to hand to hand combat, how is it possible?" I asked in sheer curiosity. "He probably learned strong ki techniques through ancient scripts, not to mention that using hearts of dragon causes you to become half dragon and physically incomparable to humans." He answered. "I am tired to living nowadays, I have no reason to walk on, you can take my position as Dragon King." "Excuse me?" I said with utmost surprise. "I want eternal slumber as last Dragon left in this world." he continued. "I will transfer core to you, and as soon as you acquire my power, you will be able to control your power well, become able to use magic by creating energy within yourself, and become stronger than anyone, after all, I am the Dragon King." he said with heavy breathing. "Maybe heaven was merciful enough to send me such promising successor." he said with his last breath. "Promise that you will free this world from being controlled by that man." I was personally the most surprised person from this sudden development. 

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