If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


34. Ultimate Maximum

Human nerves work like a network, it is a network of electricity from one place to another, and reflection speed, responsive speed, and other important senses are result from higher send/receive speed. I thought about experimenting on my own body soon, but I didn't expect it this soon. [New Skill: Maximum Sense]. My current arm strength is more than enough to swing a blade once in 0.01 seconds, the average human reaction is 0.3 seconds, meaning that to most people, while I slash 30 times, only at the 30th one, they will know what happened. Unfortunately, they are not humans, according to the time that I reflected the arrows, it took about 0.09 seconds for Kane to respond, and Deca's high perception may be able to block the attack. Even if I can attack them in 0.01 seconds, it doesn't mean my reaction speed will catch up to it, instead, I used some tactic alongside Maximum Sense. My first new skill involves improves my senses to the maximum, and the second one, [New skill: Foresight], involves judging the electric signal on every fiber of their muscle and predict their next movement. Around the time they were about to attack, I could have done more than just avoiding but in reality, I wanted them to see that just charging alone isn't enough to defeat me. Both of them clashed into another, it was my win, but these newly born "losers" didn't accept it. Kane began to fly to the trees, and began to attack me endlessly while unaware of Deca, who had fainted and laying on the ground for the time being. "Maybe I need to show that simple body enhancing ability can defeat a loser like him," I began to change my method. I stopped using electromagnetism, and began to switch to body enhancing type ability. <Limit Breaker 10x>. The first round of arrows landed on every surface, but not a single arrows came to my body. How? I simply cut them down with just a sword. "Is this all you got? Do you really think that you can scratch me by having a decoy?" I said. "THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE, YOU ARE CHEATING!!!!" he began to lose his foothold, so was his mental stability. He began to recklessly use flame magic on the allows and somewhat declared, "Most metals can not withstand this heat, haahahah," he was completely insane. Although Durable Metal can withstand these standard of heat, amount of heat directed to my palm was no joke, so I decided to dodge. "Don't you dare to escape from me," Kane used earth magic to lock me in one spot, and he used the previous technique on me again. 

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