If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


41. Twenty Seven versus One

"Twenty seven people that I really didn't want to see," I murmured. "How did he?" everyone began to talk among themselves. True, the previous me wouldn't have done something like this easily. One of the classmate found that I had a gun in my possession, so he said, "Everyone, look! He has a gun, it will be easier for us to survive this place if we have it." When everyone heard it, they began to make circle around me and searched for other items. Out of nowhere, Kuh, Class Thief, snatched away my storage metals. "Wow, he has tons of these crystals, it should be more than enough to buy an entire city," He laughed. "Let me see!" "Don't think that you are taking all of those by yourself!" "It's mine!" Everyone began to go after my crystals, and Uriel was scared because she experienced the term greed for the first time in her life. I grew irritated by the seconds because of these group of people, the best decision for me was to silence them by using force, though wasn't the best decision in the category, I liked this choice the best. "Lightning," I finally spoke. With one single word, wave of electricity came from ground up. Everyone put their focus on me. "What was that? You almost got us into that attack of yours," Carn complained to me. "Why would I waste my energy on nothing? I used it because I intended to strike you," I replied. Out of anger, Carn punched me, but not like a punch that slow would have damaged me, it would be Carn who would be more damaged if we were to be hitting me at his max. In order to preserve his "unbroken" bones, I decided to block it with one hand. "Why is he so strong?" Carn trembled from the shock. "Even though I took ninety percent of shock to myself, the fact that he couldn't withstand this much of rebound really makes him look pathetic," I sighed. "Don't touch Carn!" his childhood friend, Mali, attempted to attack me with back of the blades, but it too was blocked, but this time, with only two fingers. "I am glad that you had enough humanity to care for not killing a human, but even if all twenty seven of you come straight at me, none of you wouldn't be able to make a single scratch on me," I declared, "Lets make a deal, if you win, you can take my crystals, but if I win, I will take you to the capital, and I will complete my mission and receive the reward for Uriel. 

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