If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


20. True Skills

"Your academy taught you those standard skills for you to follow, but none of those are truly yours," Ri said, "Use a bit of creativity and make your own techniques." What Ri carved was a handle size of average katana. "Lets start with vacuum blade," Ri said. Concentrated hair came from the tip of the handle and it started to form a large cylinder of air. "This is simply a large density of wind, it is much slower than Vacuum Blade and smaller," Ri began to talk, "But if you focus." The large cylinder began to shrink, moment later, it formed fast wind resembling a lance, yet long as if it was a sword. "This only uses ten percent of the vacuum blade, which is ten meter in diameter," Ri explained, "But witness what it can do." He began to charge at the deer beast, the beast easily evaded the attack, but something was off. Instead of charging again, he made stable stance and held his lance/sword from the back, and he threw it forward without letting it go. "Extent," it only took time to say a single word, the beast's arm was scratched, but it didn't look like it was done on accident. "Next is the Lighting Punch," he continued, "You let out too much lighting and energy, just the contacting area would do the trick." Instead of full fist lightning cast, he only used in surface of the area that the punch would land. "The next is Dead End," he didn't stop with the punch. He clustered it with Dead End, a skill that builds large wall, which traps down the enemy. "You know how much stamina that you will lose by just creating one wall?" he smirked. "This is what you really should do." Inside of creating rectangular wall, he summoned cone shaped needle. "I can create something more detailed like a sword, but not like anyone of you people can do this," he sighed. The monster's limbs were stabbed by just eight of those large needles. "Flame hell is a skill that gives extended period damage, you are likely to lose before your enemy gets out of condition," he explained, "So the solution is." He combined the partial teleportation with flame hell. His arms began to teleport to the beast and at the same time, he used flame hell in small density to maximize the damage. Just with the low rank skills, he managed to defeat the beast that seemed impossible to us. "This is prologue of our training, somebody cook that thing and rest while you can," Ri yawned. "B..but...Not one of us knows how to cook wild beast...." Everyone whispered. 

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