If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


23. The Other Half

Instead of saving myself, I saved Carn, my one and only rival, which I thought was because I was naive or something. I flew across the other end of the island to find another shelter, but I was unfortunate, the stray attack hit me and one of my healthy wing was severed from my back. My landing location was horrifying, I received scratches and bruises all over the place that I fell against. For the first time, I thought that my luck was great, landing right next to the shelter, but because I looked more dead than alive, they decided to send me to the corpse section. My vocal cords were damaged, I couldn't call out for help, and I fainted soon after. I began to lose faith in this world, why do I have to deserve these treatment while some others doesn't have to. Why do I have to be one of the "gear" or the stepping stones. If I ever get a chance again, than I refuse to play out what this world says, I will be independent from this world. 

<Unknown Area>

"Cough Cough, what?" I shouted. I shouldn't have been alive, did my death wish come true? My body still hasn't been fully healed, and the damage in my wings seems to be permanent. It was an empty first, nothing but me for the first few moments. A group of reptiles began to appear, if it was small, I wouldn't be afraid to approach it, but my misfortune still remained, it was three times my height. I tried to escape but my legs were still unable to move, I still hated my luck but a black figure came to tame the lizard. "That thing isn't a food, Ares," the mysterious figure said. I noticed that every step that this person takes, more the sky becomes dark. "He's able to change the color factor of this world?" I thought. Just by looking at me, I can tell that his strength is much higher than entire the humanity. "If I have to fight him, then running is my only choice," I thought once again. My legs were now healed, all I had to do was to run away, but the man finally spoke again, "I am quite lucky this year, individual that I searched for came to me much earlier." "Individual that you are looking for?" I began to settle down. "The one who doesn't depend, the one who is alone, the one who faced the true reality," he said, "That is you, and the same kind as me." He took off his hood, he had similar face as Ri. "Welcome to real world."

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