If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


33. Stepping Stone

"What are you trying to do to us, you madman?" Deca glared at me. This was the most common reaction I thought that any individuals in this situation could have done, and I don't see the point of forgiving them. "Both of you can fight me, I will only use a katana, a normal one, and if you can simply scratch me, then you may live, as well as get all of my crystals," I set my point. "That will be easy, let's do this, Deca," Kane suggested. "I agree," Deca agreed to the idea. In five minutes, all of us got to our position. I made my own sword with Durable Metal, Deca had a Dual Bladed Spear while Kane had Elven Bow. I haven't mentioned about this but Deca is not-well-known species that have calm personality but are known to be mostly thieves or deceivers and Kane is Elven, but he is full, unlike half like me. A minute of the battle passed, Kane started to observe me for the moment, but after he noticed that I wasn't attacking, he shouted, "You realize that long range weapon like bow is more advantageous to this fight, so is the environment." It was true, Elves get extra increase in stats when they are near the forest, but he didn't know that just being in the good position doesn't always make him a winner. He shoot the first round of the arrows, directing at my vital organs. "How merciless," I couldn't help but to feel depressed, but at the same time disappointed. First of all, shooting multiple shots obviously means that the user took quite a bit of a time to prepare for the attack, it also means that it is easier to trace back at its location. Second of all, although I desperately tried everything in my other life, I couldn't believe that they simply tried to finish me right off the back without observing me any farther,it was their mistake for underestimating me. There was about seven arrows incoming, two on the head, one on the heart, three on my abdomen, and one on my left leg. If it was one, I would have grabbed it with my hand, but I also had the second option, using electromagnetism to change its direction at the nearby metal containing rock. However, my mind had more creativity than simply changing its direction. I reflected it and threw it right back at him, he was panicking, he probably thought that physical abilities were only thing I had. So he abruptly came charging at me, another great mistake, one greater than the last, I thought of attacking his arm but Deca came behind me, straightnin the spear and ready to stab me.  

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