If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


58. Side Story: Reunion

""Hmm... This is supposed to be the area that I created the country quite a long time ago, it has only been ten years since then in this world's time period," I was actually surprised by the time difference.

I arrived to the location that the country should have been, but nothing is here, only the remains of widespread disaster were present. "What happened here?" I was devastated. In span of ten years, a country was destroyed?

"Was it because I wasn't here?" I began to blame myself.

"Ohw era uoy?" A mysterious figure spoke. It was reversing each word that it spoke, and this creature had wings behind them, resembling an angel.

"Who are you?" I translated.

"etanimretxe" It began to slowly move its hand, and I noticed distortion of space from single wave of hand. 

"!?" There are probably less than handful of humans with ability to bend space, and this level of distortion and its range clearly suggest that he or she should be at least second to none in space manipulation category.

"kcatta" It immediately appeared in front of me, but I had no idea if this was work of space manipulation or not, maybe even a time manipulation.

"Gravity!" I barely managed to bend space enough to avoid its direct attacks, but it launched its second one sooner than what I would have managed.

"Maximum inertia" I stopped its movement temporarily.

"Fusion Nuclear" I had no choice but to use nuclear attack without considering the energy loss

"gnorts, tsum.. taerter..." It had survived the attack, but its quite damaged and at least thirty percent of its body mass are gone.

"Lock Off" It spoke normally and it began to emit ominous black aura.

"Endless Eater" After this two words, my body was immediately split into two, horizontally. 


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