If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


39. Reunion Fourth Story

"Koyo...That does sound foreign to me," she said with signs of doubt in her eyes. "Please work. Please work. Please work on her," I chanted in my head. "I can definitely see that you are lying, your expression, skin, and other parts of your body are literally written to say that you are lying," she actually saw through me, "But if you help me with one thing, then I will forgive you." I didn't know whether to flee or keep the promise, my curiosity tickles me yet my instinct told me not to. "But if you answer some of my questions," I made a deal to her. "Fine," she smiled a bit for once. After making a promise, we walked down to the orphanage. She told me the answers to many of my questions. For example, she told me that she is the eldest of the orphanage and her responsibility was to manage the fiance, at young age. She also began to tell me important thing about this town, about the fact that in order to earn money, they had to either battle monsters for materials. I asked the nearby guild for the cost per hunt, it was unsurprisingly low for the amount and the quality of the job. It became clear to me that the riches are selling items for high prices while the poor people or even children are risking their very life to barely sustain life from it. "Are your orphanage in debt?" I asked. "Yes, how did you know?" she replied. She had high common sense and her ability to look through human conscious was simply amazing, based on the fact that even she couldn't look through the merchants either mean that they are skilled in lying or it is the common sense in her world. "Typical brainwash doesn't start from what we normally see in the movies..." I thought in my head. After few more minutes of talk, I also realized that the vice head of the orphanage was her savior and she wanted to repay her with something. The only option for her is to hunt, but she wasn't strong enough to get sufficient amount of cash for her goal. The thing is, in my society, this would have considered an achievement that would only happen once in a thousand years. Why? Because of the very fact that these hunt are designed for team of five with high level gears and equipment to go for at least a month, but with one person and barely any new equipment, she managed to survive her way up here. "I am pretty sure she mentioned about being half angel, but I am wondering what her other half is from," I began to think for a while.

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