If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


27. Mystery of the Dungeon

Dungeon was fairly easy, it has been two hours and yet, I haven't seen a single enemy strong enough to severe my arm. Most of the beasts seems to have its own niche in the ecosystem, but none of them seemed to attack me because of was an outsider. "I wonder if I can get any stronger like this," I doubted. But then I saw one of the same classmates from the academy. "Why are they here?" I thought. "Is that the Last One?" Kane, fifth in the rank was running away. "We are saved, if we use him as a decoy," Deca, the tenth, ironically, slashed my feet, and I lost my balance soon after. "Why? What have I done?" I asked to them. "For trying to get our treasure, we already know that you came here for the mountains of gold. "Gold? I didn't even heard of it?" I responded back. "Well, its better for the loser to die than us aces die," he replied back. "I am a loser? Did my life not worth as much as them?" I became to think. "Here is our last bit of generous gift," Kane smiled. "Ground Break," With one single word, the entire nearby ground shattered as if it was just a cardboard box. I fell down the abyss with the monster. Carefully examining it, I noticed that it was Beast 51, the treasure guard. "We will use the gold for our good use," They shouted. If only I had power to crush them, if only I was able to take revenge, if only I was able to change my personality. "IF I SURVIVE, I WON'T LET NOT A SINGLE DUST OF YOUR BONES LEFT IN THIS WORLD," that was my last scream before my mind began to fade. The place I landed was fortunately water, for the first time in my life, I thought that my luck did save me. However, I didn't knew the danger of abyss. I couldn't see anything, and my eyes were not adapting to the dark either. It seems that I damaged my back during the fall. I also noticed that I survived thanks to the beast, it acted as a cushion for the fall. I decided to stay near it since most beast wouldn't dare to touch strong beast. However, I heard a large stump, a noise that feels as if there is a earthquake, and it was Beast 09, Geo Bahamut, one of the only five bahamut in this world. "Wh....why is something like that living in this place?" I began to tremble in fear. I touched a sharp lock which responded on my blood, it seems that the quality of the minerals in this cave is rich enough to attract it, who has affinity in anything related to earth. "I guess my luck ran out," I admitted.

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