If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


4. Meeting


"What did you say, Ragn is going to hunt thousand digit beast? I said in doubt. "He is going to die if I don't go as soon as I can" My name is Reina, strongest female knight of my age. Why is there such concept like knight in this society? It is because of material efficiency. When fighting beasts, if we were to use bullets, then it would be bit more stronger but nowhere as efficient and durable and melee weapons. I started out with simple swordplay lessons, it gradually became clear that this area was what I was talented in. I am elf, but unlike Ragn with naturally enhanced senses for everything except sight, my eyesight has been tested to be greater than even the species of birds that are known to have keen eye. I enjoyed my days being general, everyone couldn't ignore my talent and the days were smooth. Until one day that this kid have ruined my only-one-per-quarter vacation. I had to waste three hours of my freedom and arrive to his location immediately. "You are so dead on me" I shouted while jumping off the helicopter. "This is the coordinate that he is supposed to be in." I thought. I looked around for a while and only thing that I could see was horde of hundred thousand beasts running away. "What are they running from? Don't tell me." I figured out that it wasn't thousands digit beasts that are capable of causing entire population to flee away, it had to be at least hundred digit. I heard the scream from distance, and I could see Ragn's figure. "Wait for me, don't act suddenly." I said to relieve him but I knew that by this pace, I wouldn't be able to make it. But another figure in jet black cloth came out of nowhere and kicked the beast using his legs. A beast of that size should be well over ten ton, but he not only knocked it out but it was only the air pressure of his hit. I was left speechless. I had seen various experts who have been famous for their monster like strength but compared to them, he was incomparable. "A monster" echoed my mind.


Transferring something immense like dragon's core causes certain side effects to happen. But for someone who absorbed entire body, the side effect may be uncertain. It seems that I lost my memory during transfer. Only thing I understood was my current situation and what I will have to do now on. It has been three years already since I started to do daily training. I could experience the surge of power that came from inside of my body. Instead of gaining power from outside, earning it internally was proven to be stronger. It seems that Dragon King's prime ability was to control any sort of movement. I could control movement of energy and discovered that even without calculation ability, I can still utilize my fundamental and non fundamental forces. I am currently in bottleneck, how much we can multiply gravity and how strong my attack can be still has limits. It also became clear that number one spot of beasts is not one but several other beast kings that rules the off limit zone. The list includes Turtle King, Tiger king, Bird king, and so is Dragon king. Since I obtained Dragon king's ability, I naturally gained affinity for water. One of the things that scroll mentioned was that I have to obtain cores of other three rulers. For the first time in three years, I am leaving Dragon's domain and heading toward where other territory is located. I gained passive ability to reverse force of energy toward people who I don't consider as an ally, which is great because now that I don't have to worry about being eaten while I am sleeping. I also decided to change my name, to be honest not like I know what my previous one was like. I finally choose one for it and it is- "AGGGHHHHH" a voice came nearby. "Another rescue this weakling and take care of the aftermath." I said while running down the mountain. "Bend down!" I controlled the movement of air and then used it to accerlate the speed of my kick and said, "Indirect strike". It has been long time since I last set down, so I had no choice but to stop by at top of the beast's body. "Who are you?" the boy asked. "If you are referring to me, then remember it well, my name is Jin" I replied pridefully.

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