If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


11. Loss of Mine

At first, all I did was to glance at three individuals, and this was all it took for them to notice me. I haven't said a single word yet, but all three charged at me with killing intent. In order to get better understanding of their current power, right from the start, I controlled the movement of the air, compressed it, and then kicked it. "Aero blast" I said. I was surprised to see that the green haired one, with Turtle King's ability, blocked it with ease. The other two avoided it and went for another charge. "Tch, so they weren't some amateurs." I had to admit, these people were by far the strongest opponent I faced during in years. I decided to increase usage of my strength, I first set gravity field within one kilometer radiance and disrupted their movements, it might seem as if I am preparing to launch another set of gravity related attack but this was just the decoy. The real attack covers my body with dragon's defensive scales and then release the attack, which will be even stronger with the repulsion force. "Dragon impac-" My vision became vivid for a moment. "Conscious disruption." The white haired boy with Tiger King's ability said. I could tell by the changes in the electromagnetism in the area, he clearly destroyed connection between my eyes and my brain. Beasts are able to regenerate in rate incomparable to human standard, if I was still a human, then I would have become permanently blinded. I thought the best way to stop their movement for right now is use gravity to stop them physically, but I was too late. "Explosion Cluster" the bird's successor Gale said. Strong nuclear can simulate near nuclear bomb size explosion, and the word cluster told me that it is nowhere close to being just one. I used my staff to change the course of the explosion but this was also late. "Grand Annihilation" Tiger's successor, Leon shouted. My self healing staff. Gone in instant. It wasn't just my staff, my hand also disappeared. Looking at this situation, I tried to counter their ability with very same fundamental force, but it seems that if it is against two of same ability, then the one with higher power can nullify the damage. "AGGHHHHH" all I could do was to scream. Did I seriously lost? How could I? To these inexperienced...Inexperienced? I noticed that when they were attacking, their expressions somehow told me that they are surprised by their own action. "I see how it is.....Living as part of them really is a game changer." I could only laugh. "You might think you are the greatest human just because you are better than us in spec wise, but when it comes to real number, then you are nothing more than who you are." Dane, the successor of Turtle said. "Combination Skill: Endless gravity." A hole appeared through my chest, it simply consumed me in span of few minutes. My conscious started to fade. "If..I..die...right now...then this world.....would meet its end....and....I...can...t...fulfill.....his...death wish." I disappeared from the material world. 

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