If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


54. Large Leap

I checked on my status after I woke up, my hair color became red, probably from the amount of blood that I drank, though I am not sure if that was what really caused this. My height, weight, and body generally didn't change. I decided to check my status with my World Iris, and it really did change. <Rose Hadel: Level 759 HP 97250, MP 71920>. For some reason, I couldn't really see my other status, and it was faded out. I searched for my skills. <Active Skill: Holy Knight Sword Style, Shadow Art, Elemental Magic, Supporting Magic, Black Magic> <Passive Skill: Immortality, Heightened sense, Regeneration> <Extra Skill: Absolute predator> "I did finish granny myself, didn't I?" I laughed in my spot. Last night, in order to avoid sun, I ran as quickly as I can, though I ran in a speed where I can complete a marathon in a minute, I wasn't tired at all, it felt as if tiredness is healed faster than I could be ever tired from running. Since I now have Shadow Art ability,  I can now go out in the sun by spending 10 MP per minute. As I had mixed emotion, I noticed Galat sleeping next to me, but in different bed. "What are you doing?" I shouted. "You are my disciple from now on, remember? You signed that contact," he replied. "What contrac-" I stopped, "But none of it mentioned staying this near in the bed." "It didn't say that I can't either," he replied back. "So what master?" I questioned him sarcastically. "Since you are my disciple, I will give you my first rate treasure," he handed me a black long sword and a black light armor. "What is this supposed to be?" I asked. The long sword was more or less looking like something cheap that came from the antique shop. "This changes from the person you are and from your strength," he casually said to me, "It changes based on its owner." "Changing by the owner? I will try it," I said in curious manner. I wore the equipment over my current clothes, and it seemed to fit perfect. "It didn't chan-," I stopped because my armor began to crack, and with the cracks, the red markings came across it. The shape of the armor began to change, it became more comfortable and became more secure during its transformation. The sword also changed its form, and the red cracks appeared on the sword too. Although the general shape of the long sword remained the same, the handle and the grip became much closer to me. The equipment was what I would call the perfect set of armor. I was surprised by how great these things turned for me. 

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