If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


14. How the world played out

A century has passed after the death of our king. The only reason Utopia did not disappeared was because of the dragons that agreed to help us. Dragons, after the death of King's Successor, didn't have anywhere to stay, nor did they have reason to do so. The dragon's territory was taken off by the other beast's invasion, and only people in this world that would naturally accept them was Utopians. Energy cores, developed by the legendary blacksmith, was used to float the entire nation in the air. The entire border of the nation was covered in anti-energy coating which prevented any attacks within certain energy density. Ever since we were rumoured to coexist with other races, many other species began to live.(In exchange for protection, they provide us with enough energy to fuel the floating nation.) Dragons are known to be able to live at least ten thousand years, mythical creatures from the forest(Elves being example) are able live for about five hundred years, beastman are able to live three hundred, and humans are only able to live a hundred at their best. Although there are large difference between our ability, it seems that our daily lives have been quite peaceful. Not to mention Ragn Helios, our leader and legendary blacksmith, who successfully managed to create proper government and solved many systems regarding our different physique. For examples, even the smallest type of dragons are at least seven meter tall, the invention of Trans helped them to take form of human and it can be activated or disabled at any time. Introduction of demons were quite problematic, they had large variation and some could not be formed into human shape(How can we put a accessory on slimes?) but our council managed to walk through this hardships and this is how our nation differs from others. We are able to accept ones that are different from us, not segregate them or treat them differently. "How was my essay?" I asked. "This is more of an introduction than an essay." Rein said. My name is Carn, it seems that my brothers name and my name are somewhat related(ReinCarnation). I am the only person in my family who doesn't have a name starting with R(Elves are divided by the starting of our names), and it was mainly because of our parents who believed that this was a good opportunity to change our cultural differences. I am quite famous in my school, because of my Dad, Ragn Helios, who, as told in the essay, is the solo genius who shaped this world of mine. 

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