If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


48. Growth

"Here, this is one of my family's treasure, World Iris," Emilia gave something that resembled contacts, "You will be able to know the stat of you and other people around you." "Why are you giving me, an outsider, your family treasure? I don't think that my pride, though broken in the past but in the process of repairing, can accept this," I refused it. "I may look like I am lying to you but you see, you really resemble my granddaughter, she had that same eye as you have right now," she persuaded me, "Please receive it, its not like I have anyone else to hand it down." "What does it mean that you don't have anyone to pass it down?" I was surprised. "Most of my family members died during the plague, I am the only one left and I couldn't contact anyone else," she explained it to me, how the plagues and wars wiped out large population of demons. "I will use it to the fullest!" I declared on her. "Please do so," she quietly made a smile. "By the way, what will be my name if I don't know it myself? Can you make one for me?" I asked, "Your passion draws me a color of red, and in our clan, we use flowers for our young generations," she began to think carefully, "What about a name Rose? Rose Hadel!" she made a smile full of confidence. "Yeah, that works," I replied back. I checked my stat with my World Iris, this was displayed: [Rose Hadel Level 10 HP 10 MP 10 Atk 10 Def 10 Spd 10 Stm 10]. Generally all rounder, what about the skills? [Active Skill: Zero Passive Skill: Zero Extra Skills: Absolute Predator]. "Absolute Predator? I wonder if anyone else has it..." I searched around the town for the similar ability. [Luta Ui Lvl 15: Active Skill: Flame Magic/Earth Magic Passive: None Extra Skills: None] [Garon Era Lvl 5: Active Skill: None Passive Skill: Revive Extra Skill: None] Most people don't even have a  extra skill, but their stat is much better from my perspective... Everyone will pick on me if I don't get stronger. With that in mind, two month have passed without much improvement in stats but large one with the skills. The next thing that I noticed was the fire coming from the end of the town after the end of my sword training in one fateful day. "That direction is where my house is!" I ran as fast as I can, ignoring my pain from my training. 

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