If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


31. First Gun - Limitless Magnum

I conducted electricity to extremely high input and the metals began to form a shape, I didn't have much time to work on the process so I decided to make small size firearm. "Place the explosive metals in the core area, put the regenerative metal beside it, and then cover it with durable metal," I failed about three times and finally made one, I named it limitless Magnum. Geo Bahamut began to furiously attack the Fulgur Bahamut, while the Aqua Bahamut backstabbed Geo and attacked them both, the situation was becoming more dire by seconds now. "I will need more than one gun," I saw the seriousness of the situation. I created exact replica of the first gun and went head on with the battle. First, I shot with normal gun attacks just to draw attention on me, then I used one of the random stray bullets with strings that are used to connect its physical body with my electricity, and with it directly connected to my arm, I used higher version of Lightning, <Thunder>. With Geo unconscious, Fulgur is likely to attack Aqua, so the next step was to use Aqua as decoy and do almost the same with Geo, but not as severe. Aqua was effective to the attack, and when Fulgur's guard was down, I began to attack it without mercy, although it might have electrical barrier as its passive ability, if there is more than thousand of them, then there is no way it can stop all of them. The place where Geo was in was filled with even higher qualities of crystals and metals, and I found very interesting one, [Earth Elemental Ore: With high control, one can add earth attribute to any weapon]. I used magnetism to send it near me, and i went straight to the work, I added my new feature to the gun. A gun may really kill it, and I didn't come here for kill, but to get stronger. "This might be more painful, but its much better than dying," I had to say it before I used the earth bullets on it. It was highly effective, it straightly caused the dragon to fall on the ground. There was one perfect peace of flesh that was already falling off, so I had to cut it and leave the abyss as fast as I can. After I barely escaped, I managed to find myself not too far away from the entrance, or exit should I call it. I began to examine the flesh. [Lightning Bahamut's flesh: Consuming it significantly raises one's electricity specialty] Upon hearing the description, I ate it without hesitance, of course, the reason I came here is to abandon my weak self. Some changes began to happen in my body.

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