If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


22. First Beast

I went hunting for the first time in my life. Ri discouraged the idea of following his steps, he recommended me to create my own skills and technique which are more suitable for me, not him. We decided to name skills created by ourselves as [Original Skills]. Ri gave us a bracelet that tracks our training records and displays the original skills and its description. With one command, "Stats", I can easily check my progress. "Stat," I said out of nowhere, "List Original Skills." <Original Skills List> Blade Creation: Ability to create blades by converting the atom structure of the nearby area. "Having one really is rough, and its creation type," I laughed a bit. "I may be the only one bold enough to have creation types." Creation type is the name of the ability that I made. Since my Dad was originally blacksmith, I thought that it would be good opportunity to follow bit of his steps and use converting process to make blades. The downside of this magic is the the very fact that more I create blades, the more energy I will be drained with. The maximum amount of the blades that I can create in five minutes is twenty, and it may also depend on its sizes. Of course, not like I will be needing twenty swords for just to hunt beasts, its because of the elemental enchantment that I can combine it with. Similar to Ri, I can use other characteristics of element and combine it to my sword. The only difference is the fact that Ri only need a handle to simulate the blade while I need the physical blade to be the pinpoint for the combination. In order to use this magic efficiently, I had to train my physical body strength and increase my basic mana stamina. This took me about 5 hours of training for each section per day for ten days. While I was remembering the past days of hellish training, the first large sized beast came into the sight. "The same deer monster from eleven days ago," I recognized. "Lets see the result(Current progress) of my training." This time, the deer rushed to me without hesitance, and I decided that I should not block the attack, but to counter it back at appropriate time. "Dual edged blade!" I shouted. The one meter sword came to my hand. I managed to counter the attack by stabbing its back. But it wasn't enough damage to stop him, and I had to let go of my first sword to maintain my position. I instantly created another one and casted a spell, "Wind Attachment". The cutting air made me to feel as if there was no air resistant, even the fastest beast would not have avoided the near point blank slash from the behind. The direct hit forced the monster's entire body away from the spot. Although I could not kill it with one strike, I managed to defeat it. "Its not enough, this might only be a stepping stone at best," I thought.

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