If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


29. Electromagnetism

I began to look for basic strengthening crystals. I found seven of [Artifact Grade Strength Crystal: Increases Strength stat by 50], twelve of [High Grade Agility Crystal: Increases the Agility stat by 30], and four [Legendary grade Stamina Crystal: Increases Stamina Stat by 100]. The total increase of stats just with the major ones that I found are more than one thousand, not a single person in this world would expect any of this leap in strength. "That thing over there can't be killed by some kid with one thousand stat damage, I need something stronger than that," I began to fasten the pace. One of the most unexpected thing that I found was this, [Mystic Mana Crystal: Increases the magic stat by 150]. "I thought that stats were determined by the birth," my mind became unclear. Why would they say me to give up despite having higher intelligence and skill than Carn? Just because of my low Special Stamina stat? "I will just have to find out, if I get out of this, there is way more than one thing that I want to do with all of them," I snapped myself out of vigorous imagination. I began to focus on increasing the Mana Stat, and by no time, it had become one thousand, stronger than Carn's ever highest. [Specialty Unlocked] "Specialty?" I began to wonder. [Specialty: Certain type of ability that one possess the highest degree of compatibility] "What is my specialty?" [Dual Specialty: Physical Enhancement <Limit Breaker>, and electromagnetism<Lightning>] "What is the name beside it?" [Example of its basic skills] "Analyze Limit Breaker." [Limit Breaker: Increases user's power by folds, it consumes the stamina in much faster rate than usual.] "I see how its not efficient for people who don't have high stamina stat, but for me it is more than alright to use it, use limit breaker!" My five senses, movement of my body, analyzation of the situation, my brain, and other functions began to increase by three folds. "In five minutes, I will have to collect all the nearby crystals in the area, and I will plan the way to survive out of this place in next to minutes after that," I thought. During my five minutes investigation, I found [Storage Metal], which can be forged to store detailed items but raws can only store the characteristics of the metal, but for my current situation, it was just what I needed. I absorbed ones that I did know right on the spot and others that I don't know was stored in the storage. [30 Seconds Left]

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