If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


42. Broken Intersection

As soon as I declared the deal, everyone began to take their position. "They are better than before the incident, and they look trained, but by who?" I wondered, "The only one absent is Ri, maybe he is the culprit?" I didn't care about the battle for the moment and one of the demon species, Miba, charged at me. "Surrender!" she said. "As long as its a metal, it wouldn't be able to go near my passive barrier," I revealed bit of my ability. From the tip of the sword to its handle, the sword began to shatter. She began to take her defensive position and prepared her secondary weapon, short knife. The others charged in, "He revealed his blind spot," Bale shouted. As soon as he said the words, I hit the side of his face with the back of my fist, "Did you know that beasts are ten times more sensitive to sound than you?" [One down, twenty six left] My insight did the counting for me. "Destroying weapon can't be considered as defeating, if that is the case," I drew out my magnums. I ran at my maximum speed, creating illusion afterimage of myself, in those image, I used partial teleportation to replace it with genuine arms and legs of mine and began to attack more efficiently. "I could have just killed them with few pounds of metals, which can be manipulated inside of their bodies and slowly kill them from the insides," but that would be simply too inhumane, I respect every opponents, even those people who I don't like.  The legs did the kicking while the hands used the dual magnum to paralyze them. [Twenty three down, four left] "Miba, Carn, Ralu, and Anvi are the only ones left," I analyzed the current situation. "Who will be the next target?" I suggested sarcastically. "Don't attack, or this kid's head will not be intact," Anvi trembled. I couldn't notice since I was having delight simulation of winning against them, which was not great achievement, but when I saw Uriel as a hostage, I went berserk. Without teleportation, I simply charged, and with a fist, before he could react, I shoved it in right on his face. When I regained my sanity, I healed his face, but I still couldn't forgive him for his actions. What was the decision? Beat and Heal Parade. I used Limit Breaker 10X to hasten my pace. With all of my stats gone up by at least tenfold, Anvi was hit and healed at pace that he couldn't react, but the pain was the real deal, I used electricity to enhance the pain by threefold. Although he may slip out of this alive, he would surely be traumatized by this. Meanwhile, nearby, three students and Uriel was shocked by the attack that their eyes can not follow. 

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