If there was humans with abilities that exceeds our current understanding, will we be able to coexist with them?


53. Absolute Predator in Action

Rose's Perspective

"I am a Vampire?" I asked, "Then how did I not die from the sunlight?" "Its thanks to her, that granny. She protected you with the Shadow skill, which is rarely used and considered practically useless," Galat replied, "She will die soon, and you will have to make up your mind. The nearest place where you can actually be safe is at least fifty miles away, and I can assure you that you can't go anywhere near that place with your current ability." "She is going to die? It can't be," I let my legs go down, "She was my benefactor." "It was said that the stronger the Vampire is, the faster it takes for the person to be killed, and the faster it is to be killed, the less pain one will experience," he stated, "This is the mix of the blood that I just extracted, I am not sure about your Absolute Predator ability but we will see what happens afterward. But I can guarantee right now that you will be much stronger than now, you will be able to make your revenge to this world with the power I grant you." I was given a choice, a choice to let Granny die in pain but stay like human for rest of my life, no, the Vampire ability will surely kill me. The second choice was to extend my life, get me stronger, and let Granny die painlessly by my own hand. "You need to be strong, Rose, or else you won't be able to survive by yourself," Granny Emilia began to talk, but her breath seems as if she already set a foot in her grave. I always wanted to live a normal life, but I began to wonder about what the word normal actually meant. Doing the same thing as what others would eventually do? or else can I live my else freely, unaffected by anyone or anything? "I choose to become strong," I grabbed the blood extract with my both hand and began to drink the blood. My entire body was hot, as if I am being thrown into the fire from the hell itself. I began to lose my conscious, and began to see hallucinations, illusions of the people that I drank their blood from. "I admit that it is not pleasant thing that my ability will pass onto someone this weak." "But she has the potential, don't you agree?" "This child will sooner or later become amazing person." "Anything is better than being killed and having to be controlled by that thing anyway." "Kid, do you accept our power? The power of human representatives?" The souls of the dead began to talk with me. "I accept, please pass me your ability and power," I replied their questions. 

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