Dear Diary

This is honestly just a diary. If you wanna read about me go ahead, if you think that you might get along with me message me.


2. Day 1 continued

This is a continuation of Day 1.

So he thought I was lying and took my phone. Soooo after a while he got mad at me. Soooooo I didn't care......He said if I wanted to be a h*e then I could go and live with my mother. He said walk out the door you can go for all I care. So I left, I walked down the street then I realized that I left my little brother without saying bye. I turned around and walked home for three minutes then saw my dad. He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me while hitting me to his home. It would never be my home. He pulled me in and started hitting. My uncle who is terrified of my dad even told him to quit messing with me. My dad who is an ass turned around and hit me a few more times.

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