Full moon

Historie til konkurrencen: Fantastiske skabninger og hvor de findes. Jeg har valgt den tredje mulighed, altså at skrive en fanfiction i en anden tid end hvad man er vant til.
This story takes place a long time before anyone had even thought about Harry Potter.
The story is written from Sirius Black's point of view, and is about his 7th year at Hogwarts.
(Billedet som er brugt til cover er ikke mit originale. Jeg fandt billedet på pinterest og klippede derefter selv månen ind og skrev titel + forfatternavn på)


8. ---

Everyone was told that Remus was sick the next day. He always needed at least a days rest. He was injured and exhausted. We promised to take notes for him. Those were the only notes I ever took throughout all my school years. 

The week past and we could now welcome the weekend with open arms. James, Peter and I had all gone to school after the full moon, but we still needed rest. James couldn't relax completely though. He was going to Hogsmeade with Lily Evans. Remus, Peter and I were all going too, but we had promised to stay away from them.
We had a fun morning. We visited Zonko's, Honeydukes and got a butterbeer in Three Broomsticks. 
When we got home, James was still out with Lily. We played some Wizard's Chess while we were waiting for him, but at 7 pm he still hadn't come back. We decided that we would just go eat and then find him afterwards, but when we got to the Entrance Hall, we saw him and Lily standing in front of the doors. They were talking, but we couldn't hear what they said. They talked for about two minutes, and then all of a sudden, Lily leaned in and kissed him on the cheak. James blushed. I shared a surprised look with Remus and Peter. None of us had seen that coming. Lily walked away and we hurried over to James. He was smiling. I had never seen that look on his face. "Oh, hi guys" he said when he noticed us. He couldn't stop smiling. "So, I suppose it went well?" I said "Yeah, I would say so" James said. 

And all of a sudden it was time to take our examinations. It was hard work, and suddenly I regreted that I hand't taken any notes, (fortunately both Remus and Lily let James, Peter and I look at theirs). 
We all got through our exams. Remus and Lily were top of the class, obviously, and actually James and I were close after. Even Peter had managed to pass with good grades. We were all celebrating in the Gryffindor common room the night after last exam (Potions). We had a good time, but it was still quite weird to think that when the summer vacation began, we would never go back to Hogwarts. We were done and now had to start a carreer. It was actually quite scary.
Also I wasn't quite sure where I was going. I couldn't go home again. I wanted to ask James if I could stay with them, until I found something for myself, but I was afraid of the answer. 

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