Full moon

Historie til konkurrencen: Fantastiske skabninger og hvor de findes. Jeg har valgt den tredje mulighed, altså at skrive en fanfiction i en anden tid end hvad man er vant til.
This story takes place a long time before anyone had even thought about Harry Potter.
The story is written from Sirius Black's point of view, and is about his 7th year at Hogwarts.
(Billedet som er brugt til cover er ikke mit originale. Jeg fandt billedet på pinterest og klippede derefter selv månen ind og skrev titel + forfatternavn på)


5. ---

The weeks past and the school work got harder and harder. It was quite obvious that the teachers were preparing us for the N.E.W.T examinations. Peter was under pressure, but Remus managed to help him with most of the things that he found difficult. On our way to Potions class, I ran into Regulus the fourth time since school start. We looked at each other for a few seconds, and then went back to pretending that we didn't know each other. I could feel that Remus was looking at me and I knew that he wanted to talk about it, but he didn't say anything. He knew that I wasn't going to answer.
My first meet with Regulus had been slightly awkward, and in fact, a little uncomfortable. I was walking down the hallways with James, Remus and Peter, when I literally walked into him. He dropped the books that he was carrying. He sat down to pick them up, and when he stood up again we made eye contact. His facial expression was mad, but I could see in his eyes, that anger wasn't the only thing he felt. He was sad. I suppose I was too, after all he was my littlebrother. But that didn't mean I forgave him or my parents anything. It was just weird not talking to him, and it was weird that I had left my family.
We didn't say anything, we just stood there and stared at each other. One of Regulus' friends cleared his throat and we remembered that we werent alone. He shook his head, as if he had just woken up from a trance. I walked away, and James, Remus and Peter followed. We didn't talk about it. 

We sat down in the Potions classroom, and I could still feel Remus' look. I looked at him and lifted my eyebrows. He sighed and looked away. I knew that he just wanted to help, but I didn't need his help. Not for this. He shared a look with James, when they thought that I couldn't see it. Peter didn't want to interfere, he knew that I wouldn't accept his help, and he didn't want me to be mad at him. No one mentioned it again, and we all pretended as if it had never happened. And we continued doing so, the next times Regulus and I ran into each other. 

Soon after I didn't have much time to worry about my family though. As the time passed, the classes continued to get harder and even so, the teachers also kept giving os more and more homework. 

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