Full moon

Historie til konkurrencen: Fantastiske skabninger og hvor de findes. Jeg har valgt den tredje mulighed, altså at skrive en fanfiction i en anden tid end hvad man er vant til.
This story takes place a long time before anyone had even thought about Harry Potter.
The story is written from Sirius Black's point of view, and is about his 7th year at Hogwarts.
(Billedet som er brugt til cover er ikke mit originale. Jeg fandt billedet på pinterest og klippede derefter selv månen ind og skrev titel + forfatternavn på)


4. ---

I woke up early the next morning. Everyone else was still asleep, and it was only a very little stripe of light coming uín from the wiindows. I had a weird feeling in my stomach, and it didn't take long for me to figure out why. Because I had had so much fun with James, Remus and Peter, I had forgotten all about Regulus. At some point I would run into him and I didn't know what I was going say to him. Not that there was that much to say. I knew that he was mad at me for leaving, but I was mad at him too. Thinking about that, I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to just get up and wait in the common room for the others.
An hour later they all came down and we went to get breakfast in the Great Hall. We got our schedules. Our first class was Herbology, and we went to the greenhouses when we had finished eating. Herbology had never been my favorite subject, but this year we would be working with some far more interesting plants, while preparing for our N.E.W.T.s. In this lesson we had to deal with a Venomous Tentacula, which was rather hard, considering the fact that the plant had a habit of attacking us every now and then when we weren't paying attention. 
After Herbology we had Transfiguration, and then Defense Against the Dark Arts and so on, until late afternoon, when the day finally finished. We were all tired when we plumped into the armchairs in front of the fireplace. I hadn't seen Regulus all day, and I was still fearing our first meet. I didn't know if he was still angry at me. I hadn't talked very much to him, I just left. He had always taken my parents' side, and I really wouldn't be surprised if that was also the case this time. 
"...no idea how I am going to get through the Transfiguration examination" said Peter with a sigh and interrupted my thoughts. "Today was only the first day of school, and I am already behind" 
"Don't worry Peter, you'll make it. We'll help you" said Remus. Peter had always been the less fortunate one, when it came to school. Remus was definitely the smartest of us, but James and I had never really had trouble with school either. Except for the times when we forgot to pay attention, but that wasn't the same. None of us had to work as hard as Peter (though Remus did it anyways). If Peter missed the same amount of classes that Remus did, he would be in big trouble.

We heard the portrait hole open, and three girls walked into the common room. Lily Evans was one of them. As soon as James noticed her, his facial expression changed, to make him look casual. He began to run his fingers through his already messy hair. He always did that when she was around. Most people would probably look stupid if they did the same, but it looked good on James. And he knew it. I guess I understood why James was so into her. She was quite good looking with her copper red hair and emerald green eyes. 
"Evans, hey" James said "Potter" she said. She didn't stop to talk to him, but a few years ago, she probably wouldn't even have answered him, and James seemed to be satisfied with the improvement. As soon as the girls had left the room his face fell back into its normal expression and his body relaxed again. Remus pulled out a book and James took out the map. Peter stared at James with admiration. He did that sometimes with both James and I. We had learned to ignore it, though I still found it quite weird and sometimes a little annoying actually. I looked at the map over James' shoulder. I would never get tired at looking at it. Remus looked up from his book. "Guys, maybe you shouldn't be looking at that down here" he said "Relax Remus, there's no one else here" James said "Yeah, we'll put it away if someone comes in. We're not completely stupid" I said. Remus shooke his head, but he didn't comment on it again. 
A little while later we went to the Great Hall to get dinner. James was weird during the whole feast: Lily Evans was sitting a few seats away from us. 

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