Truth behind closed doors

find out how Alec and Magnus came to terms with their real feelings. will everyone agree or will they be pushed away


10. Wake Him Up

Isabelle looked over to her brother who laid upon the pearly white sheets. The only contrast to the white was the spots of dried blood scattered on the material. A gravely despairing feeling washed over her looking at her lifeless looking brother, but it dissipated when she saw his chest lift up and back down, a sign of his lungs functioning correctly. They were still functioning despite the shock his body is undergoing. For that, Isabelle was eternally grateful. Isabelle turned back to Magnus in time to see him put the last ingredient in the cauldron. Magnus mixed them together and then filled a long syringe with the potion. He left a little in the cauldron with the candle still lit. When it evaporates, it will have the same effect on the atmosphere around Alec as it will on his system when it is injected into his blood. Magnus took the large syringe and walked over to Alec. 
“Can you two flip him over onto his stomach?” Jace and Isabelle looked at Magnus curiously and then did what he asked. Magnus thanked them and leaned over Alec’s back. He took the syringe and injected it into a central vein going down his spine, right near the back of his neck, where his injury was placed. As soon as the potion took effect, Alec’s injury started to glow a ghostly white. Magnus bounced back and the others soon followed his direction. 
“Magnus? Umm...what’s happening?” Jace asked shocked.
“Honestly, I don’t know. That wasn’t supposed to happen. I mean, it was supposed to gleam blue, not white.”
“White is the color of mourning...”
“I’m fully aware, Jace. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do. The potion has already taken effect. There’s no going back.”
“I hate to ask this, but could it be that we’re too late?”
“I just don’t know. All we can do now is wait...” Wait for what? Wait! What’s happening? The numbness I felt in most of my body is gone. The pain isn’t as bad as it was either. If only I could open my eyes now...
    “Jace! Magnus! Look! Alec is opening his eyes,” Izzy exclaimed. They all followed Izzy’s gaze and realized Alec was opening his eyes. Magnus felt frozen, but they all were frozen in place. They all had thought Alec was going to die. They were all staring at Alec now, but he was trying to remember what happened. Why am I resting in this bed? Why do I feel extreme pain in the back of my neck, and why are my legs numb. 
    “How are you doing, Alec?” Jace asked me, but I’m not quite sure how to answer.
    “Umm, what happened? And why is there excruciating pain in the back of my neck and numbness in my legs?”
    “Are you paralyzed? Oh my God! What if you’re paralyzed?” Izzy frantically asked in a rush. “Can you feel this?” She suddenly ran up to me and ferociously hit both legs.
    “Oww! What the fuck, Isabelle?”
    “Yay! You can feel! You’re not paralyzed!” As happy as I am, I look over to see Magnus in relief as well. I remember hearing his voice while I was unconscious. What did he say? It was in a language I didn’t recognize. “Alec, are you okay?” Have I been spacing out too long already? “Alec, are you going to respond? You’ve been staring at Magnus for about five minutes straight.” She whispered the last observation to me, so no one else would overhear. 
    “Izzy, I’m fine. But, could you come closer for a second?” Once she was close enough, I whispered to her, “Can I have a moment alone with Magnus?” She looked up and towards Jace. They shared a knowing look, which I didn’t understand. Jace and Isabelle then both quickly took their leave. That left only Magnus and I. Alone. Magnus made no movement to come closer, nor speak to me. He just stood there. I figure that if he’s not going to try to communicate with me, I’ll have to start the conversation. “Magnus, I want to know what you said earl-”

    “Alexander.” My name rolled off his tongue in a whisper. One, I nearly missed. It was almost absent from my mind, but I heard it. “I’m glad you’re alive and better. You may not be one hundred percent, but you’re doing better.” The last part he said in what sounded like he was running out of breath, but I knew better than that. He hadn’t been running, so why did he sound out of breath? Had he been that worried about me? 
    “I am doing much better. I have you to thank for that.” I was met with silence, and I didn’t know how to respond when Magnus moved his head down and began to stare down at the floor. He wasn’t one to have a nervous tic, but he currently didn’t have his usual flare either. He was normally like a freshly lit flame of a fire. A fire that’s always burning. He’s always illuminating the air around with him with his charisma. It’s one of the things I deeply love him for. Yes, I love him. I really do, and I need to man up and say something before I lose him forever.  “Magnus, as I was saying-”
    “I didn’t say anything. You were hallucinating,” he stated curtly. Before I had the opportunity to reply, he quickly left the room, leaving me stunned and staring after him. I didn’t know what to think of that. He just denied saying anything. Did he actually say anything? Or was I really  just hallucinating. Both are realistically possible considering he was here, and I was in some sort of coma. Wait! I never had the chance to talk to him about my injuries. I need to talk to Maryse and Robert about my life and how Magnus is going to be a part of it. Well, he will be if I can manage to earn his forgiveness. However, it currently does not look good. He didn’t even want to speak to me. He had to have said something. I remember hearing his voice. What is he hiding? He raced out of here for no reason. What is Magnus hiding? 


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