Truth behind closed doors

find out how Alec and Magnus came to terms with their real feelings. will everyone agree or will they be pushed away


11. Que Sera Sera

I had sat there watching after Magnus, for how long I don’t know. I had snapped out of my stupor when Izzy and Jace rushed back in, followed by Maryse and Robert. I looked at Maryse and saw a flash of worry in her eyes but that was quickly covered up by a blank stare. Right Maryse, emotions only make you weak. I hastily turned my attention over at Robert and saw raw emotion, worry, fear, and love? I looked at Izzy and gave her a confused stare. Why was Robert being so emotional?

“Alec-” Izzy had started but was soon cut off by Maryse.

“What were you thinking Alexander? You should have paid more attention,” she nagged at me and then rounded on Jace. “And Jace, why were you not watching his back? You are his Parabatai.” Ladies and Gentlemen, she’s back.  I wanted nothing more than to get her to stop yelling, so I could tell them about Magnus. I just wish he were here, Izzy gave me a look of sympathy. She’s the only one who has ever understood me.

“Mother, stop,” she hissed. “Can’t you see that Alec would like to say something?” Maryse glanced at Isabelle with disapproval.

“Isabelle, do not interrupt me,” Maryse scolded distastefully. I sigh and close my eyes and groan. My head starts to pound, and I wish I could go back into whatever state I had been in. I slowed my breathing and squeezed my eyes shut tightly and tried to block out Izzy and Maryse’s argument. I didn’t notice when the room got quiet or the tears that had started to cascade down my face. But yet, nobody else noticed it. All I wanted right now was for Magnus to come back rushing through those doors. I can’t lose him. I love him. “Alec, are you listening to a word I am saying?” Maryse asked slightly irritated. I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. I have no clue what came over me or why I did it, but it came out fast and barely audible.

“I’minlovewithMagnusBane.” I avoided the beady eyes of my mother and stared at Izzy. The only person who was smiling like an idiot.

“Excuse me?” Maryse said looking slightly confused. I wanted nothing more than to be sucked up into the bed I was on.

“I am in love with Magnus Bane.” Then I saw something I never thought I would see. I looked up to see Robert holding a seething Maryse by the waist.

“You betray everything we have built for you! For our family! And you do this” Disgust laced her voice.

“Maryse, calm yourself and let him speak. No matter what, he is still our son.” Robert said soothingly, trying desperately to calm a seething and distraught Maryse.

“There is no excuse for what he is! That thing is not our son!”

“Mother! How could you say that?” Isabelle chipped in.

“How could I say that? How could he be in love with a downworlder? Particularly, a warlock? And how could he even like another man?

“Maryse-” Robert immersed himself in the screaming fest once again. Still calm cool and collected.

“No he has gone too far this time, Robert. He is being completely selfish.”

“You can’t control who you fall in love with. We both know this.”

“Not now, Robert. We are not rehashing this!”

“Why not now, you seem to be willing to hurl blame on others!”

“Oh yeah, like how you cheated on me?”


“Robert?” Jace, Maryse, and I shouted at once. Isabelle was the only one who stood completely still like the statue of Raziel in the library. Jace and I were shocked to the core that of all things Robert could or would do he chose to cheat. This news seemed to have the most impact on Izzy because she didn’t react. She only stood there staring down at her high heeled boots.


“What? Isabelle already knew!”

“The rest of the children didn’t! By the way, before I cheated I observed your flirtatiousness with a werewolf, so don’t point your fingers at me and don’t despise our son for falling in love with a warlock!”

“I did what I had to, to get our family back in the good graces with the Clave. I never spent a night in bed with anyone else! So do not act like that is the same thing in the slightest or that I am the one in the wrong here, Robert!”

“Oh but my dear Maryse, you are the one in the wrong. I admit what I did was utterly and fully wrong. I committed adultery, but did you really expect me to stay when you were obviously distracted with something else?”

“And what would that thing be?”

“You wanted to bring honor back to our family name! You were so obsessed with it that you weren’t even getting any sleep. You neglected our children for quite a while and I had to take care of them! Me! And it was your fault we were involved with Valentine and the Circle in the first place!”

“Mother, is it true?” Izzy asked incredulously. I hated the expression that covered her features. She looked like the whole world had just fallen apart. Maybe it had.

“Isabelle you were so young, and our family name was already in question.”

“But you weren’t there for us. I needed you, so did Alec and Jace! We needed you, and you weren’t there.”

“I know this, but I am making it right with your little brother. He was my second chance.”

“How is this making it right? You’re in the process of ruining his life right now! What are you going to do? Keep him away from Magnus and make him be with someone else?”

“That is actually a good idea. Thank you, Isabelle.”

“Izzy!” I screamed. I know she was trying to help but this isn’t the outcome I was hoping for.

“I’m sorry...” I gave her a look that told her to go find Magnus. Now.

“Nonsense, Alec. Your sister is helping you and by you doing this, you will help us restore the family name.” As soon as that sentence left her mouth Magnus sashayed out through a portal. The moment he saw Maryse, the glimmer in his eye left and the room became unbearably uncomfortable.

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