Letters from Clemintine/ NOW UPDATING

Clemintine is a girl who lives in the 1940's. She writes a letter to her best friend who moved to Germany 2 months ago. She and her best friend used to live together in England. Then when Hitler takes over Germany, She is forced to move to America. She writes to her friend through it all making sure that she knows whats happening. Then her friend writes back.


5. Diary entry number 1 (9/3/45)

Hi there. My name is Clemintine. I think I might tell you about myself in french just so I can practice my writing for school. :). Bonjour. Je m'appelle Clemintine et j'ai trése onze. Pour m'amuser, J'ai jouer au foot avec mes copains et j'ai jouer du piano. Et toi? Qu'est-ce que tu pour t'amuser? I think that's enough french for now. Well this won't be long because it's almost bed time. I have a friend named Lisel and can't wait for you to meet her. She is very fun to hang out with. Oh bed time. Goodnight.


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