Letters from Clemintine/ NOW UPDATING

Clemintine is a girl who lives in the 1940's. She writes a letter to her best friend who moved to Germany 2 months ago. She and her best friend used to live together in England. Then when Hitler takes over Germany, She is forced to move to America. She writes to her friend through it all making sure that she knows whats happening. Then her friend writes back.


3. 9/4/45 (Received 3 years later)

Dear Clemintine,

Please do not come to Germany. This is a God forsakken place and you will be killed if you do. Please don't come. I miss you lots but I will hopefully see you at christmas. Hitler is a downright dumb idiot and is trying to take over Germany for his own. I worry about you, Clemintine. Trust me my siblings are already enough. I don't need yours. You rememeber that boy I really liked. He hasn't been by lately to give Father any tellagrams and I am really sad about it. Now all I have to do is either play with Gretta or talk to our new Froaline, Maria. She's reletivly nice. So you aren't going to Americans? I am worried about you. I don't want you that far away. OH! I have to go. Father is near my room and if he finds me writing this I'm doomed. See you at christmas Clemintine. Fair well...



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