Letters from Clemintine/ NOW UPDATING

Clemintine is a girl who lives in the 1940's. She writes a letter to her best friend who moved to Germany 2 months ago. She and her best friend used to live together in England. Then when Hitler takes over Germany, She is forced to move to America. She writes to her friend through it all making sure that she knows whats happening. Then her friend writes back.


4. 9/3/45

Dear Lisel, 

This letter is reletivly close to my other but I am just checking on you. Don't want you to have a lot of fun without me. How are your brothers and sisters? And your Father? I am really worried. Mother thinks she has found a way to get us to the Americas but I don't know... How will I be able to send you letters when your gone all the way across the ocean?! I might start a diary that way when we meet you can see all what has happened through out the years. Oh god I hope it won't be years... Well It's dinner time and I can't be late. Sorry this letter is so short. I promise the next one will be longer.



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