Tracy and Quinn, the best of friends. They're inseparable but when news hit them in the face, will Tracy and Quinn be able to stay friends, or will they not be same anymore?


2. Chapter Two: Quinn

       "It's a joke right? Taylor's just being mean, RIGHT?!" I say, trying to get some comfort from Tracy.  "I...I don't know, I guess it makes sense." She said, rubbing her arm.  "What?" I ask, clearly confused.  "She's been making us big dinners, shes okay with everything, and for some reason she always wants us to do extra bonding activities! Yesterday she took us to see the Statue Of Liberty, she said we were too poor to afford it!" Tracy whined.  "Wait..I did notice her acting weird lately, and she's been trying to learn Italian."  I say, choking a sob.  "Quinn, we know now.  Let's find out how much longer I got in America."  "First.. let's find out if it's true."  I say, hiding my tears, trying to be brave for Tracy.

      "MOM!" Tracy screamed, throwing her bag on the couch.  "DANIELLE!" I scream, throwing my bag right on top of Tracy's.  Our bags were messenger bags were both the exact same, except hers said Tracy and mine said Quincy as a joke.  "Yes my dearies?" Her mom said, acting extra nice.  "Mamma, in modo da essere stato imparare I'italiano?" Tracy asked.  She whispered to me.  "It means, mom you're learning italian in italian." Tracy whispered.  "Oh."  "You know, don't you." Danielle said, sighing.  "Yes, we know!" I say, angrily to Danielle.  "Listen, Quinn, Tracy, dear.  I was going to tell you..." She said, looking scared.  "You were, oh weren't you." I said, anger bubbling inside of me.  "Whatever, now I have to find a new best friend!" Tracy whined.  "Say it, say the whole thing.  I don't believe it." I say, tears swelling up in my eyes.  "Tracy, I got a job in Italy.  We're moving there next month."  "We...we have a month?" I ask.  

      "WOO HOO!" Tracy exclaimed, pulling down her statue of liberty sunglasses.  She had a foam finger that said "GO METS!!"  She had a shirt that said "I <3 NYC" and we're getting a horse tour in Central Park.  "Now Times Square..Empire State Building...wax museum, and that museum, the american history one!" I say looking at our brochure.  "It's like 3:00, how can we squeeze all of those in?!" Tracy said, laughing.  "Let's take a taxi through Times Square!" She said, excitedly.  16 years in New York, and we've never seen the NYC monuments.  How humorous.  "Tracy..." I start.  "Hm?" She said, looking up excitedly from her brochure.  "Let's get this taxi!" I squealed.  We jumped off the horse carriage.  We threw money at the horse guy and we whistled for a taxi. A taxi came up, the man rolled down his window.  "Where to?" He asked.  "Times Square!" I squeal.  "Tourists?" He asked.  "No, we're from Long Beach." "Ah, one of you moving away?" He asked.  Tracy raised her hand.  "We got a bunch of money, can you rive us through the whole place, and drop us off somewhere?" Tracy asked.  I punched her.  "Bunch of money, eh? Hop in this taxi."  "Yeah like $10, that's a lot right?" Tracy said, fixing her mistake.  "Oh." He said sadly.  "Get in."  We both hop in the taxi and look at all the amazing monuments.  We look everywhere in awe.  I put my hair in a ponytail and Tracy does the same.  "21.56." The man said.  "Bet you can't afford it."  Tracy handed him $30.  "Oh, I guess we had more than we thought."  She said, winking.  We wiggle waved and walked off.  "OH MY-" We laugh, time square surrounding us.  "Tracy, this is amazing!" "Too bad i'll be leaving this in a month." She sighed.  "Hey, let's forget about that, okay?" I ask.  "Sure Quinn." Tracy said hugging me.  "I'm gonna miss you." I said, sighing.  "Same."  Tracy said, tightening me in her grip.  

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